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 What On Earth?
Inside the Crop Circle Mystery

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Suzanne Taylor's award winning film about the most intriguing of all phenomena in the world today has just been put out for full release worldwide.   This is one of, if not THE best, film in this genre and the most important as it broadens the coverage to take in the exopolitical implications.

What on Earth? is produced by Suzanne's non-profit foundation.   The success of this documentary will thus create the funding for future projects impacting the Disclosure process.  Suzanne has also been a great supporter of Paradigm Research Group.   She is very well known in the philanthropic, entertainment and new consciousness communities in Los Angeles.

For these reasons PRG fully endorses this film and encourages you to take advantage of the very generous offers accompanying this worldwide release.

Let's support the people who are out in front trying to make a difference.

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director


"Brilliant, groundbreaking... incredibly beautiful and powerful"
--Whitley Strieber

"A must-have documentary"
--Kinetics Magazine

"Mind-blowing... a fun, trippy movie"
--Inland Empire Weekly

"Spellbinding... utterly entertaining"
--Jay Levin, Founder, Los Angeles Weekly

"Powerfully effective and provocative"


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