Wake Up, America!

Wake Up, America!

Posted: 01 Oct 2010 04:55 AM PDT

By Philip Giraldi* | Sabbah Report |
 Let us suppose for a moment that an individual enjoying the full confidence and trust of the United States government was given access to the most secret information possessed by the US military, to include how it would react to an attack by an aggressor armed with ...

You get the truth only from 'former' officials'

Posted: 01 Oct 2010 03:46 AM PDT

By Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban* | Sabbah Report |
 Warning from the Obama administration's submission to Israeli pressure, in an interview with OTV, Michael Scheuer, a 'former' senior CIA officer, said: "Three hundred million Americans could wake up tomorrow to discover that a foreign leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, led them to war with Iran , which ...


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