Turkey bans Israel from its air-space

Turkey bans Israel from its air-space

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RECEP-1Ankara, June 29, (Pal Telegraph) Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared that Turkey has implemented a ban on the entry of Israeli military aircrafts in it’s air space since the Israeli forces attacked the peaceful convoy of the fleet of freedom, which was on its way to the Gaza Strip, killing nine Turks onboard and injuring many others.

Erdogan assured that the ban came as a response to reports that a plane carrying Israeli officers to Poland to visit Auschwitz was forced to change course after Turkey refused to allow them access to Turkish airspace.

According to Israeli media sources yesterday, Erdogan said that he will close the Turkish airspace against Israeli military aircrafts and that this apparently is the first practical step taken by Ankara against Israel since it withdrew there ambassador.

Israel did not issue any official comment on these reports.

Erdogan was asked yesterday at a news conference after his return to Ankara on whether his meeting with President Barack Obama at the summit in Toronto has changed Turkey's position in its dispute with Israel. Erdogan said, “We have reached an agreement on all subjects, both in terms of an apology and compensation to be paid - and these issues are between Turkey and Israel - and the siege imposed on Palestine should be lifted.”

The Anatolian News Agency, state-run, quoted Erdogan as saying before leaving for Toronto on Sunday after attending a summit of the twenty in the Canadian city saying: “This is something that happened after the recent events. This was already announced already.”


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