To vaccinate or not . ..

To vaccinate or not

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Alex Hodges, Birdwood


Recently it was very evident the vaccine manufacturers are in damage control. Bulletins on the radio and television, plus numerous items in the print media, all attempted to convince people to have a flu shot.

Obviously the message is not hitting home to a sceptical and suspicious public, and is it any wonder with the deaths of children last year (dismissed as adverse events that can happen and it was only one particular lot of vaccines) and every year people getting very sick from the jabs.


Two people I know have lost permanent heart muscle function from their “adverse event”.

One was coerced by the GP into having the flu and pneumococcal shot at the same time.

I have also heard this year’s batches contain swine flu virus and I wonder if people are being told?

Who tests for “hot batches” which might cause harm?


Why should people trust the regulators who have obviously failed a too-trusting public in the past?

The other thing that makes me very annoyed is the inference that only a vaccination can protect against disease, thus dismissing other methods of staying well, such as good nutrition and adequate sleep. Unvaccinated people are continually demonised as “disease-carrying pariahs” when in fact, from my experience, they are the healthiest.


Is it true these media releases are actually issued by the pharmaceutical industry whose bottom line always seems to be profits, the lack of interest in an e-coli cure being a case in point?

With fully-vaccinated staff at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital going down with whooping cough, it is no wonder people are starting to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines and choosing other ways to stay healthy.

Alex Hodges, Birdwood

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