Their journey is faced with incredible danger

Their journey is faced with incredible danger

“People are very aware that the Israeli authorities and indeed others
are playing all sorts of mind games, with threats alternating with so
called offers, which would include surrendering the aid into Israeli
hands, something which the participants of the flotilla find entirely

Speaking from the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, Kevin
Ovenden from Viva Palestina outlined some of the concerns and realities
currently been faced by over 750 people on board the 9 ships sailing
towards Gaza.

The last of the ships departed from Turkey at
midnight last night, and they are all currently in International waters
in the Mediterranean Sea. Their journey is faced with incredible danger,
given the threats that have been issued by the Israeli Government. They
have stated that they will stop this Flotilla at all costs, even by
force if necessary. Their safety is in grave danger, and the time has
come for the international community to stand up for their safety and
well being.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the flotilla should be sailing
into Gaza, however, given the threats issued, the likely hood of this
happening is looking uncertain at this stage. We are calling on everyone
to contact various political leaders to ask them to do everything in
their power to ensure the safety of these brave people, and to stand up
and add their voice in support of this humanitarian flotilla.

details of how they can contact these political figures can be found
through following link:

There you will find e mail addresses, and template letters to use.
Full instructions are provided, and we ask that you follow these and
show your support for everyone involved.

This is a very serious
situation, and we are calling on everyone to play their part in helping
ensure their safety, and that the aid reaches Gaza without difficulty.

Click on the following link to listen to Kevin’s full appeal:


John Hurson


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