The Western looting of Libya’s resources begins

PostHeaderIcon The Western looting of Libya’s resources begins

When will this gang of international looters be brought to justice?


After six months of a NATO sponsored slaughter in Libya under the pretext of protecting civilians, the desired outcome and the real reasons for the intervention has been revealed at the “Friends of Libya” conference held in Paris last Thursday, where the US, Britain, Italy and Qatar, along with other countries planned the looting of Libya’s resources.

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PostHeaderIcon Preventing African independence: Why the West wants Gaddafi out

Gaddafi vowed to push for African unity in a 2009 meeting.


Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi overthrew the repressive Libyan monarchy of King Idris in 1969, nationalised the oil and banking industry and with the profits oversaw Africa’s first communication satellite in 2007, free health care and education for the Libyan people, he was working towards the unification of Africa to create a single African trading bloc and a single African currency based on gold and dinar, along with a united African military force. All this contributed to why the West wanted Gadaffi out.

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PostHeaderIcon NATO commits war crimes in Libya: Women and children murdered

While the media lies to the public about the humanitarian intentions of NATO in Libya war crimes of the most horrific nature are being committed by NATO forces; 85 people were killed, including 33 children, 32 women and 20 men in the city of Zliten, in the district of Misurata, as NATO callously bombs residential areas.


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PostHeaderIcon Libya Update: No evidence of rape says Amnesty International

Run by the West in the interests of the West.


Human rights organisation Amnesty International has discredited media reports that Colonel Gaddafi used rape as a weapon of war finding no evidence that any mass rapes took place or war crimes as reported by the mainstream media.

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