The Vatican must not give legitimacy to Jewish Nazism

The Vatican must not give legitimacy to Jewish Nazism

Khalid Amayreh

I understand that the term "Jewish Nazism" is harsh, shocking and might well be provocative and offensive to many, especially those adhering to the Jewish faith. I have nothing against the Jewish faith per se, but I do detest the absurd but widespread use of Judaism to justify decidedly racist and criminal conduct as is happening in occupied Palestine these days.

I am not going to spend time arguing why the use of the above-mentioned term is justified. In the final analysis, when Jews, or anyone else for that matter, think, behave and act in a Nazi way, we should have no compunctions or hesitation comparing them to Nazis.

Today, Zionist circles are waging a rabid campaign aimed at convincing as many Western institutions to deal with and treat Israel as above the laws of mankind based on the fallacious myth that Jews are intrinsically superior to the rest of mankind.

Proponents of this evil racism may not use the same words mentioned, probably for fear of a public relations backlash, but this is exactly what they mean.

Two years ago, for example, Israel urged the United States and a number of other western states to see to it that international laws, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention, be amended in a way that would allow Israeli soldiers to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity.

In other words, Israel wants to be accorded a special treatment by the community of nations in order to be able to murder, incinerate, and maim innocent civilians, even on a large, e.g. genocidal, scale, without being held accountable, prosecuted or even criticized.

To put it bluntly, Israel wants to act the Nazi way, e.g. commit genocidal crimes as it did in the Gaza Strip around this time two years ago, but without being called Nazi or any other similar epithet.


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