The Masonic Messiah

"Raelism is Masonry. You only have to decide whether it´s good or bad"


On this site you can explore an alternate view of the Raelian Movement and its leader, Rael.

Download the FREE e-book, the Masonic Messiah,

and discover the connections between Raelism, Freemasonry, The New World Order (NWO) and the Illuminati.

  • Why is the agenda of the ruling elite identical to that of the Raelians?
  • What is the Freemasonic "Great Work" all about?
  • Did the Prophets of old really exist, or were they just astrological allegories?
  • What is the occult (hidden) meaning of the name RA-EL?
  • How come all New Age religions share a Luciferic doctrine?
  • What was the true character of the alien Gods?
  • Are the E.T:s really from space, or manufactured here on Earth?
  • Are we really nothing more than biological Robots?

Rael - The Shepherd of Shepherds

"You (Rael) are the last of the prophets before the Judgement, you are the prophet of the religion of religions, the demystifier and the shepherd of shepherds." (Intelligent Design, p160)

If you want to become the Lord of this world, then you must consider to – not only dominate the physical minds of men, but rather humanity's entire soul. You must hinder all humans to attain the "spirit" of understanding. You have to keep them in the dark, not allowing them to glance behind the veil. You have to mislead them rather than lead them. You have to create mystery where truth is to be found, so that confusion prevails and the true path is lost.

The people need powerful and charismatic leaders to follow, and they are literally created or handpicked from the ruling elites own stock. These leaders are the Shepherds of the flock, and only to them will certain truths be revealed, so as to then be imparted at the right time to the greater bulk of the population. Truth has to be revealed only at certain times, when people are waking up to what is going on. However the truth, normally hidden from the public, will be exposed by the Shepherds in a manner that is spun of into mysteries or pure fantasy. This way the flock will wander in the direction pointed out by the Shepherd, even though it certainly is the wrong one.

Daniel Vandinja


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