The killings on the flotilla were pre-meditated and deliberate

Hasna Elmoumane

The killings on the flotilla were pre-meditated and deliberate. Make no mistake. The decision to take the ship well into international waters, breaking many laws, (the flotilla was legally entitled to use any force it wanted to prevent those soldiers boarding) and not waiting for it to reach the disputed occupation waters was intended. This is a murderous act of piracy to provoke a reaction from Turkey.

IHH’s Turkish flagged ship ‘Mavi Mara’ was supposed to be sailing alone when it was attacked. All other ships were delayed due to sabotage but caught up later as the flotilla was delayed. Not suspected sabotage, it was admitted by the Israeli foreign ministry spokesman. This was part of the Israeli plan. Also part of the plan was the collaboration of Cyprus in preventing the (non-Turkish) humanitarians, including holocaust survivor Hedi Epstein, and their boats leaving from Cyprus. All of the previous eight ‘Free Gaza’ flotillas have left from there without any hindrance.

The reaction to the offer by Israel for the aid to go through their checkpoints would always be refused. No humanitarian in their right mind would trust Israel with their aid. Israel is responsible for the humanitarian crisis in the first place and 80% of aid donated by other countries and NGO’s has been denied entry. Nor would they trust the Israeli-manipulated Egyptian authorities with their aid. I have witnessed them with my own eyes taking truckloads of aid, donated and driven 5000 miles by UK citizens including myself, that was never seen again. I was part of a second convoy to Gaza this time alongside the humanitarian group IHH and was hospitalised in a non-lethal attack, by Egyptian riot police on the group. This time the aid was untouched. Was this just a plan to see the reaction of IHH members to an unprovoked assault? Either way they were never going to dock in either country.

There is a smokescreen in place due to the tirade of Israeli lies, given a free reign in the western media, that would be hilarious if it were not for the tragic circumstances. It is either enraging or confusing us, to the point where we cannot take a look at the bigger picture. Thought these lies will soon come out as the flotilla members come home to give their account of events.

This attack by Israel on a Turkish flagged ship in international waters is legally a direct attack on a NATO state that obliges other NATO states to defend it. They wont of course because they can’t. The US is the unelected leader of NATO and will veto all decisions that would not be in Israel’s interest. The Israeli lobby, and this is so well documented it is irrefutable, controls US foreign policy (see Walt and Mearsheimers book ‘the Israel Lobby‘). How on earth did the events of September 11th ’01, an attack by a rogue group of mainly Saudi individuals provoke America to attack on the sovereign state of Iraq? No links to Al-Qaeda were ever found, we were then spun the WMD lie and then the installation of democracy came into play. Oil was not the reason Iraq was invaded either. Oil companies prefer stability. If the control of Iraq’s oil was the motive for overthrowing the regime then we would have seen a more peaceful attempt a regime change. Just like the attempted coup of Hugo Chavez, and overthrow of Mohammed Mossadeq, the first democratically elected PM of Iran, both of whom intended on putting more of the money from their nations oil back into the country.

Iraq was Israel’s biggest threat to middle east domination. Israel has invaded 5 of it’s neighbours unprovoked, and now 6 if you include Turkey, in it’s recent history. Iraq fired scud missiles at Tel-Aviv and Haifa back in January ‘91 Israel did nothing. Confronting Iraq would have been far too dangerous for Israel being so close in location to the military power. So the war was done by proxy using the lives of British and American soldiers to wipe out Iraq’s threat.

Iran is now the only other threat to Israeli domination in the region. We were being fed, again, the lie of WMD threats. Although now Iran has started dealing peaceful nuclear technologies with Turkey, mediated by Brazil, making it completely legal in the eyes of the UN. Israel is now looking for another way to get
Iran’s military power destroyed. What better way now than instigating war with Turkey? Bring it on Erdogan they are silently screaming in his face. The immediate reaction of Turkey was to announce military escort for the delayed ship ‘MV Rachel Corrie” who is still to sail into Gaza to deliver aid. This has now, wisely been taken back.

The world now sees the real Israel, the slaughter of 1400 in Gaza did not do it, Israeli PR won that time but this time they went too far.

When John Snow asked Mark Regev, the Israeli live on channel 4 if, for killing it’s nationals, he would apologise to Turkey he arrogantly replied ‘for what?’

We now know what disregard Israel has for human lives and international condemnation. Measures must be taken to reduce the threat this rogue nuclear state (they have 300 nukes and deny their existence so they don’t have to sign any) poses. Our governments cannot act on this properly without bringing a possible nuclear war to the world. It is on our shoulders to start a bottom-up economic reduction of the threat of Israel, through the boycott of Israeli goods, that will bring about peaceful change through internal dissent in Israel as war with this country will bring about very serious consequences for the world.


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