The human rights of LGBT people in Uganda

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There is a dangerous proposal that threatens the human rights of LGBT people in Uganda. If passed, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill would start a witch-hunt for homosexuals in the country.

Tell Uganda's President Museveni that people should not be criminalized for sexual orientation or gender identity. »

The bill's punishments include:
  • a life sentence for people in same-sex marriages
  • jail for anyone who doesn't report suspected LGBT activity within 24 hours
  • extradition and prosecution of LGBT Ugandans living abroad
The bill also endangers HIV/AIDS programs, and may be exploited by those wanting to abolish these programs.

This proposed legislation is anti-ethical, anti-equality and anti-human rights. President Museveni must denouce and oppose this law.
Act now! »

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Uganda is Stepping Backwards: Oppose the Anti-LGBT Bill
Make a difference for LGBT people in Uganda.
Take Action!
The red stripes of the Ugandan flag stand for brotherhood and fraternity. Tell the Ugandan President to uphold those principles and oppose anti-LGBT legislation.
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