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This channel STRONGLY supports the semitic people of the Arabic and Bedouin races whom are the true peoples of CANAAN and have always been so. THUS this channel has never ever been racist or anti semitic in nature.

The views of the channel owner is neither discriminatory towards anyone based on religion or culture, however political policies of a clearly racist and apartheid state has gone too far lately and the funding must cease.

We must all make an effort to stop funding Israel of the products that support it. We all need to be made more aware of the choices we make everyday.

The sad attempts to falsely flag this channel for imaginary anti-semitism will fail because YOUTUBE recently initiated a policy of suspending those who repeatedly false flag and abuse the flagging system for personal vendettas or other immature petty reasons.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: As Colin Powell professed: " It is NEVER anti-semitic to question the political policies of Israel"....

Given that most Israelis are atheists and Israel now has more gay bars and brothels than synagogues, I sadly fail to see how it is any more referenced as a "holy land"...

This channel HAS NEVER supported AND WILL NEVER support hatred for Jews.

This channel questions the policies of Israel and more directly the illegal FUNDING of Israel through insidious western products and Freebie financial handouts from Governments.
This Channel SUPPORTS the jews of Nuturei Karta and their legal legitimate stance on the illegal nature of the violent apartheid state of Israel.

This Channel SUPPORTS the jews of The Shiminitism and the objectors of the IDF who KNOW Israel are committing ethnic cleansing and War Crimes atrocities.

*****NEWS ITEM*******

Hey i am Steve Johnson I work for South East Asia as a Journalist and also i am a Researcher, Investigator please visit our websites

Dubai Seeks Netanyahu Arrest on Complicity to Murder:

Names and Details of Gazan war Criminals

IDF have arrived in Haiti and have established a medical surgery they are using for ripping off haitian peoples organs for sale in Israel:

ISrael deliberately floods Gazan towns and villages

George Galloway Deported to Heathrow

Viva Palestina #3 arrived in GAZA

Frank Lowy Involved in Sept. 11 Conspiracy:

Chemotherapy is a Killer:

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REPOST MY CALLS..... **But do read the permissions..

To all those wondering my religion I can say this...
I have a very private and personal relationship with our Ultimate Creator. I do have faith that some prophets were sent to mankind to benefit them and I also think that a lot have been silenced and kept from our collective knowledge. Discussing my private religion in a Zionist run forum that has proven itself incapable of securing my private information is not my idea of a good idea.



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