Steve Johnson interviews Ty Bollinger Author of Cancer Truth

Steve Johnson interviews Ty Bollinger Author of Cancer Truth


Author Ty Bollinger meets with Steve Johnson at the Fox News Studio to talk about the latest print of his incredible book.

Described by Jeff Rense in his latest interview with Ty as " The Bible of Alternate Treatments and Therapies.."

The information Ty has in his book really is that incredible... Going into EVERYTHING that is needed to know and every option that all Cancer sufferers should be made aware about.

Cancer patients deserve to know the truth and to make choices based upon this truth. And the truth is that the proven cancer prevention strategies and the real cures for cancer do not need a prescription, nor do they require surgery or barbaric procedures like radiation or chemotherapy.

But you might ask...

Ty, isn't chemotherapy a
proven scientific treatment?

The answer is YES, it is!

It has been scientifically proven to fatally poison several hundred thousand people each and every year.

Did you know that the overall success rate for most cancers treated with the chemotherapy is a paltry 3%? In other words . . .

Chemo has a 97% fatality rate...

. . . and it is not only legal, but it is readily accepted by most oncologists as one of the best treatments for cancer.

At least that's what they tell their patients....

But in 1986, McGill Cancer Center in Montreal, one of the largest and most esteemed cancer treatment centers in the world, surveyed 79 oncologists to see how they would personally respond to a diagnosis of cancer.

The results will blow your mind. Are you sitting down?

Of the 79 oncologists surveyed, 58 said that...

ALL chemotherapy programs were unacceptable to them and their family members due to the fact that the drugs dont work and are toxic to ones system!

Listen in as Steve Hits Ty with the toughest questions he has ever faced. Visit the website: and BUY THE BOOK THAT JUST MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY:


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