Sara Ibrahim, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking truth.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking truth.
Iran as it is is a peaceful country that never invaded any other, nowadays is being targeted by US and UK . These two countries are creating turmoil and instability in Iran and are using a group of Iranians against the other. The same scenario was played in Lebanon few years ago , certain foreign embassies, after the assassination of the Lebanese prime minister-Hariri ,tried to create upheaval and instability by setting one group of Lebanese against the other under different slogans of freedom and democracy, of course none of all this was true, the truth was the UN decree passed by the US and approved by others according to which Lebanon would enforce on our national resistance to surrender its weapons meant to protect the country from Israelis .
You have heard of soft revolutions or colored ones, these kinds of upheavals are manufactured in embassies using slogans attractive to people , their goal is to protect Israel in the first place ,all is meant for Israel to live undisturbed and carry on her crimes against Arabs . Iran is a threat to Israel and so is the National Lebanese Resistance that drove out Israelis twice in year 2000 and 2006 from Lebanese territories. . Supported by Syria and the Islamic Republic , well armed and trained and in full faith in God our national resistance proved invincible to the mighty Israelis . This does not suit US and UK for whom Israel is the Bastion of their power and it is to remain so.

US is protecting Israel , US never gave up on Iran , US wants to enforce sanctions on Iran because it is using nuclear energy for medical purposes. US wants Iran to return to the days of the Shah under US dominance. I am not saying there are no clashes , i am saying that there is an origin to these clashes, the origin is NOT the longing of Iranians for something be it freedom or democracy , it 's the interests of US and Israel which are at stake , the greens of Iran are just the pieces to be moved from one place to another. If they are committed to a cause , unfortunately they are being used to promote another one , and this they should be made aware of .The so called unbiased media you speak about , never mentioned the fraudal anticonstitutional presidential elections that took place in Tunisia , where was the unbiased media then? what about the corrupted presidential elections in Afghanistan - by international standards , the most corrupt world wide, why presidency of Karazai is not questioned ? why? because he's friend to USA? Why target Iran ? and Islam in Iran? What about Saudi Arabia? no one talks about human rights in Saudi Arabia , it is a real scandal , the most vicious regime on earth but they are allies to US , so nobody bothers to ask about them. Why isn't the media daily talking about the condition of Saudi women , the worst condition on earth ! shame on this media . It is being held by powerful Israeli lobby outside and inside USA. Official Media is no source of unbiased information, direct experience is , and in Lebanon we have witnessed something very similar to what is happening in Iran and we know what kind of fake movement it is and who are the people behind it and whose purpose it serves.
Confronted with the impossibility of an instantaneous military attack on Iran , the western systems, friends of Israel and enemies to humanity, have decided to create internal havoc in the Islamic Republic that aims at repeating the successful Iraqi experience of establishing democracy by shedding blood and throwing depleted uranium (which is the only form of uranium allowed nowadays ) . A direct military attack on Iran will probably not reap its long awaited fruits. Iran is well armed, well trained and well equipped and also -on top of all- God fearing. It has been preparing itself well for any military assault on its territories; it knows that its enemy does not respect any law , be it international , and does not abide by any rule be it a standard one .The enemy, being totally corrupt regarding ethics, anything can be expected from him and if a military attack proves difficult , why not resort to provoking internal instability using a precarious moment like the presidential elections? Maybe the Islamic Republic was not quite expecting this kind of confrontation ; but this is not something beyond expectation when one deals with a totally unethical enemy like this one. Instead of assaulting Iran , let us set the Iranians against each other - thought the intruders - and find a group formed of shrewd political beings and naive masses to carry on our scheme, the first ones will be motivated by material and political gain and the others by moral and ideological promises ; and so it happened, the color also was carefully chosen (green) and the time and the means of communication inside and outside (cellphones and net). The slogan that covered the whole operation was -of course- : Freedom and Democracy, the magic words used by the sorceress to bewitch everyone, the words by which the criminal western system has been promoting itself through ages . Some of the Iranian youths , probably the spoiled ones , yielded to the call , not knowing its real meaning or its consequences , the others were just paid by foreign officials to carry on certain duties , which they did . This democracy promised is nothing but the bait to attract the prey, soon the beast will uncover its face and everybody will see its ugliness. In Lebanon , where we witnessed all this scenario, few years ago, under the attractive name of : "Cedars' Revolution," the beast uncovered its face - at last- in the form of the most ugly assault on our peaceful little country from Israel ; One thousand killed, three thousands wounded. The ones who were dancing with the flags became quiet, some others, their leaders, left the country. Our resistance though was strong enough to take the challenge and save our country and defeat the enemy, but the situation was very dangerous . Dangerous democracy of the liars. As events keep unfolding , regarding the Lebanese situation, it became known that the same people who were promoting democracy in the "Cedars' Revolution " were also funding the terrorist group of Fateh Al Islam who destroyed the Palestinian camp of Nahr el Barid , north of Lebanon and killed one hundred Lebanese soldiers in a war on the camp that lasted more than one month and left thousands of Palestinians homeless. Just to tell you that this democracy promoted by western systems is nothing but a terrorist democracy.

Sara Ibrahim


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