Paradigm Research Group January 26

Paradigm Research Group  


PRG Update - January 26, 2011


Facts, Hype and Video Tape (Commentary)


Over the past year there has been an unprecedented amount or rumor,
speculation and prediction regarding a possible Disclosure event ending the
64-year truth embargo regarding an ET presence.  Some find this
disconcerting as every prediction has proven off the mark, some articles
are clearly overspeculative and every video is seized upon with fervor.  
PRG is neither disconcerted nor surprised by this.

What is happening is a spreading matrix of rumors flourishing on the
Internet, which some might claim was invented for the express purpose of
spreading rumors.  These rumors are beginning to double back on themselves and generate seeming "news" stories.


All of which is to say we are seeing the early stages of a media frenzy,
which are messy and hardly precise.  But they serve a purpose.  The truth
embargo is riddled with holes and misinformation.   There is no pristine
path to its resolution.  If the break is to come from the media flank, it
will be the result of a group of simultaneous stories which for a time
confound the usual political flacks causing one of them to make a fatal
mistake, one careless remark on camera causing the eyes of a thousand
reporters to instantly fixed upon them, questions at the ready.  You will
see a flash of fear and confusion as the flack gropes for an answer, some
thread of rational response, and then the entire edifice will come crashing


So, while you might find it a little uncomfortable to watch Disclosure
predictions popping up all around the planet - given that every last one of
them is, well, very likely wrong - it is exactly what sixty-four years of a
truth vacuum was going to produce in its last, pitiful days on Earth.

So rumors will fly.  They reflect decades of frustration and a growing
expectation the truth will come out.  There are several billion people
waiting to hear from their own governments about the extraterrestrial
presence engaging them.  If they are vulnerable to some overspeculation
right now, PRG is inclined to lay the blame for that at the feet of their
duly elected representatives who collectively decided that "don't ask,
don't tell" was somehow the cornerstone of the social contract.

PRG Facebook Organization Page

Facebook is likely phasing out "Group Pages" for "Organization/Fan Pages"
in order to reduce confusion.  These Organization/Fan pages have unlimited membership, video/photo archives, plus a discussion board.    All PRG Update recipients are encouraged to sign on to the PRG page on Facebook and invite their FBF's to join as well.      [Note:  PRG executive director Stephen Bassett's personal Facebook page has reached the 5000 limit.  New FBF requests will be redirected to the PRG page.

New Conference Listings

The following conferences have just been listed at the above PRG webpage: February 25 - Intelligent Life Beyond the 4th Dimension - Vancouver, Canada
April 29-May 1 - Wake Up Now Conference, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM
October 15-16 - UFO Matrix Magazine Conference, Ponterfract, UK

South and Central America

There is a considerable amount of exopolitical activity coming out of South
and Central America.  Also, note there are now five EWN sites in Argentina,
Brazil, Chile, Honduras and Mexico.  Ecuador goes up next week.   It is
possible that developments in South/Central America may be a deciding
factor in bringing about formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence
engaging the human race.


PRG Speaking Schedule Update

Note:  PRG is in the process of setting up a 2011 university/college
speaking tour in the United Kingdom.  More on that soon.

March 18-20 - Lawrence, KS - Reykawvik Summit
Leeds, UK - June 11
Leeds, UK - August 5-7
Louisville, KY - November 11-13 -  Pythagoras


Paradigm Research Group
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