Orgone makes people(?) mad at the post office

Charged water / orgone makes people(?) mad at the post office

Why the Post Office at Red Rock Vista in Vegas is the weirdest post office in the world? And… boy… how in the world we forgot to gift this particular post office? Everything happens for a reason. If we didn't gift the post office we wouldn't have such a great confirmation that the orgone CB charged water gifts are so strong and represent a threat for the bad boys.

Okay, here is what happened:
We are sending a package to Romania.
Constantin was filling in the required forms for the post office as I stayed in line. He turns to me and asks me to give him another pen while is staring at this blonde bimbo dressed all in black. I asked him why he stares at that bimbo while he was talking to me. He swears he didn't see any woman/bimbo. Ohh… am I dreaming, astral traveling? Shocked Later when we talked again he sworn he didn't see any woman or any women dressed in black. I guess they have some sort of techniques to blind - "mesmerize" men and make them function only from their lower charkas and then BANG! hit them under their belt. Men out there, better open your eyes! They exploit you weaknesses and you will suffer at the end!

That was weird because I noticed he looked "mesmerized"- a hypnotic trance. Now here we have a little argument and he leaves the post office. I fill in all the forms required and then I am preparing to stay in line, when I see this very low energy woman wandering around looking really confused. I ask her if she is waiting in line and she replies "yes".

This woman, a crack addict, you can tell by her aura, cannot stand still and turns to me staring at my package. In the package I have orgone charged water gifts, charge water, crystals and gems for the CB they will build in Romania. The orgone pendant with specific gems I sent to my mother some time ago, made her cyst breast disappear. Beautiful confirmations what "good orgone" does to ones health. An the list of testimonials is quite long but not the topic of today.

I realize that this woman hates the charged water orgone's energy, trying to find out where the energy is coming from. She starts a conversation with the women in front of her, checking her out. She knows the energy doesn't come from teh woman in front.

I don't like her energy one second and I stay far away from her. Then when I think she is finally quiet, she suddenly turns back to me with a demonic face, grabbing my pendant really fast laughing hysterically, saying to me that this is the most beautiful pendant she has ever seen. Shocked
I immediately slap her hand shouting at her "DO NOT TOUCH ME!" She asks while she is laughing hysterically "why". I told her that's my protection and she keeps repeating hysterically that it's incredibly beautiful, laughing more.
Let me translate into English what she actually said: "I hate you, your orgone pendant and your package , I hate you, I hate you". She has not only invaded my aura, she touched me!!! That was it! Evil or Very Mad
Boy she got me angry… if I was 10 years younger I would have probably kicked her butt in 3rd really bad, but here I am standing next to a crack addict who is basically jumping on me to grab my pendant, and all I can do is boost her. Well that's the only tool I can use but it works really good. She becomes more agitated, sweating and shaking like a Parkinson sufferer while pretending to write something.
The lady at the counter saved her from agony when she said "next in line".

Now my turn at the counter.
Ohh no!!!! Why I always have to face this frog eyed lady at the post office counter? I know that my package is gonna be screwed up before I even pay for it, but anyway let the "game begins".
The frog lady, Judy is her name, asks me tons of questions about the package, telling me that my package could be refused, trying to make me miserable and quit sending the package. I boost her, so she can shut up and do her job.
Before I leave the counter I look at her again, she is staring at my package. What's wrong with these people?

The package was supposed to arrive in Romania between 4-10 days. One month and few days later, the package is not there. We made a complaint at the post office, as the package was insured.
After 6 days we received a letter from the post office saying that from January the 17, there is a new procedure for claims and enquiries for international mail and we have to call a number. Ha!!! We made a complaint on the January 11, so what this has to do with us?
Constantin calls that number and guess what ? The package was aired a day before we got the letter, on the 16 of January.

And of course the package arrived in Romania between 4-10 days as it supposed to happen, the only difference it was aired more than 5 weeks later.

Now more problems with the package in Romania, they asked my friend to open the package. She was really angry at this fascist procedure but well… we live in a fascist world, so what's new?

Guess which box was "ticked" on the package's form? "Treat as abandoned"!!! Boy they really wanted this package with charged water goodies disappeared in the universe. If we didn't make a complaint and the package was not insured we had to say ADIOS to the package. I bet the package and the orgone was tested in their laboratories, but I "programmed" all the goodies only with good stuff and anyone who interfered or touched that package has to "suffer" God's blessings.

Ohhh another thing and this is really interesting. Guess who visited my site recently? District Of Columbia, NASA. Rolling Eyes And guess which pages they visited ? Products and testimonials!! WOW!! I knew of Military and Government interested in my site and paying me few visit's a month, but I didn't imagined NASA would spend some "quality time" on my web universe. Aliens critters preparing an "invasion" on my site? I think they are interested in my orgone products and testimonials but they are shy to ask me for a "free healing session". Ohh. I was supposed to shut up, oops… Are they gonna punish me now? Awww!!! Wink



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