Oooh That Smell: Nigerians and CIA operatives

Oooh That Smell: Nigerians and CIA operatives

Posted by labvirus on June 30, 2011


Today and last night the news has been all abuzz about a “major breach in TSA security” as a reportedly Nigerian passenger “Olajide Noibi” boarded a flight from JFK to LAX and then again a flight from Atlanta with a fake ID and fake boarding pass, and when searched it was found he was carrying as many as ten separate boarding passes, under various names. He was reported by others on-board complaining of his bad smelling body odor.


Nigerian.  Hmmmmm.  When was the last time we heard about a Nigerian passenger in the news [and I'm not referring to the prince of Nigeria who emails you with a promise of 10 million US dollars if you just send him a wiring fee of a couple thousand]?  Ah yes, the underwear bomber.  Remember that guy?  Remember the story of how he was escorted onto the plane by an unidentified very-well-dressed man bypassing security and gate check-in altogether, with no ID on him?  Remember the conclusions drawn that he was likely an MK subject, working for intel agencies to provide pretext for more draconian TSA measures?  What do you folks think will be the TSA procedural fallout from this latest fiasco – assuming the entire thing was completely staged [classic falseflag op]?


Addressing Barbara Fart-Smell:  The only reason I know of this person Barbara Hartwell at all is through Tim White who angrily sent me email after email addressing exchanges he has had with this person, who by my observation seems to be a real-deal CIA operative disguising herself as an ex-CIA agent now-turned-a-new-leaf.  Mega-barf.  Anyone who knows anything about intel knows that once you’re in, you’re in for life; quitting the oaths taken usually results in termination.  Ask me how I know.  Duh.  OK so this chick apparently calls me a “government stooge” once again aligning me with the likes of Ted Gunderson (which I consider an honor) and calling us essentially cointelpro agents.  


This after I happened upon a few posts of hers from January and March of this year where she goes off on me making all kinds of random stuff up about me.  Personally I think the attention is flattering and cute, and furthermore hilarious at the purely preposterous notions this chick has presented as to who I am and what I’m about here at this blog.  “Government stooge”: that sends me into hysterical laughter so hard I often end up on the floor.  If she had even a clue about how literally impossible that was, much less unlikely due to my true background, she’d backpedal in a chorus of recants like nobody’s business.  Yet she remains dug into her position that I’m a disinfo agent, a government stooge; once again if I’m working for anyone as anyone’s stooge, someone forgot to tell me, cuz I haven’t seen a paycheck yet.  If there’s any truth in her claims about me, then somewhere there’s a pile of government checks made out to me amounting up to something sizable enough so that I should easily be able to afford my own private island in the Pacific.  Keep talking, Barbara Fart-Smell.


Meanwhiole Los Alamos is burning and turning into quite a seriously dangerous nuclear situation, as is Fort Calhoun Fukushima and other places, and still as of tonight virtually no mention of any of this on any of the MMS news programs.  It appears there is an overt media blackout order in place on these stories, just like the ongoing gulf oil disaster falseflag, including Operation Flood.  Sad, so sad.


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