Of Course Oslo Norway is a FALSE FLAG – Get ready for more

Of Course Oslo Norway is a FALSE FLAG – Get ready for more

Posted by labvirus on July 25, 2011


First of all folks, I don’t want to hear of any tears shed for the “end” of NASA’s space program because the shuttle has been retired: it’s all smoke and mirrors, because for the past 30 years the Aurora spacecraft have been making regular covert trips to the moon Mars and beyond utilizing black-op technology the MMS won’t be covering for another 15 years.  Remember that anything you see on the news being shown the public as “latest” technology – especially where space travel is concerned – is easily 50 years behind what is actually being implemented.


Next, my hat  is off to Dr True Ott for his brilliant research on the true source of 528 and what it represents.  Please everyone read the piece below “Sounds of Satan” and share with everyone you know.


AJ is on RT again today taking credit for everyone else’s research, and now he talks of Albert Pike and the Freemasons like he is the one who broke the story – megabarf.  Whatever, at least he is getting some of the message out, even though he still interviews Albert Stubblebine and wont talk about ETs or underground bases.

Lots more coming about about “Babbles” Fart-Smell and Janet Phelan, another lying disinfo pysop infiltrator.  It’s all drama in my eyes, and only serves to distract from what I’m trying to accomplish here so I’ll only address it as it pertains directly to me.


The UniParty RepubliCrat/DemoPublicans are busy playing a grand charade of finger-pointing to keep us all distracted from the fact this is all meticulously intentional and being carried out with surgical precision, the final goal of which is to completely bankrupt the USA and force us to our knees and literally beg for the New World Order, while at the same time Bibi666 launches his Iran attack dragging us into WWIII.  Talk about Shock-and-Awe.  Textbook Hegelian Dialectic.


Instead ot raising the debt ceiling we should be removing debt, starting with the 2.3 trillion Rumsfeld announced the DOD could not account for the day before 911; then the government-banks bailout funds, and all the countless billions lost to unnecessary wars and illegal black-op programs.  This should leave us with a comfortable reduction which we could continue to work on reducing further, by creating a new monetary system backed on ACTUAL reserves and not a “debt note” which has to be borrowed from a cartel of private banking institutions.  Just a thought.


All we need now is just one more major falseflag here on US soil and the Mossad/MI6/CIA mission of domestic destablization will be almost complete, making us ripe for the taking by NATO, China and Russia.

To top it all off, these bastards are just waiting to unleash their chimera zombie virus.

Talk about pandemonium.

But don’t worry, it’s almost football season again.


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