Now we need your help urgently

Now we need your help urgently please send out letters, emails to all addresses below, the more people that are involved the more chance we will get noticed and possibly have a chance to influence someone whom is able to do so for a safe passage for all individuals on the convoy.

Template letter:

To whom it may concern:

I, (insert your name) am writing this letter to you to express my concern for the safety of the 750 passengers from 50 various countries on board the 9 ships who are sailing towards Gaza today.

Israel have issued several threats indicating that they will stop this flotilla by force, and arrest everyone onboard. This is an extremely worrying development, and these threats to civilians has to be taken very seriously.

I am appealing to you to do all in your power to ensure the safety of these brave individuals, and for the 15,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid onboard.

The situation in Gaza is the greatest humanitarian disaster in our time, and it is not only my duty, but the duty of every person worldwide to play their part in making sure the illegal siege on Gaza is lifted.

1.5 million people have been suffering daily due to the effects of this Israeli imposed siege, and the time has come for the world to stand up and say, “Enough Is Enough”.

Will you add your voice to this appeal, or will you sit idly by and allow Israel to not only attack and imprison this flotilla, but to continue the slow genocide of the Palestinian’s in Gaza?

Awaiting your response,

(insert your name )

E mail addresses in groups of 50:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Israeli e mail addresses:






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