Narco Nexus Seems To Manage Terror War

Narco Nexus Seems To Manage Terror War

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Gen McChrystal talks with NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Gen McChrystal talks with NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

GORDON DUFF : RATS IN WOLVES CLOTHING covers a great deal of ground, starting with this:

First we are told opium and heroin are financing world terrorism, then General McChrystal tells us that we have to allow the harvest to be finished, processed into 65 billion dollars of heroin and shipped out on rendition flights and American Global Hawk UAV aircraft for distribution around the world.

I was surprised to hear the “rumor” that our massive Global Hawk UAVs that fly at 80 thousand feet were being loaded with drugs in Balochistan and flown around the world.  Prior to that, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds had only told us of drug trafficking on rendition flights.

This is now a fact, not “theory” or conjecture.  Is the Global Hawk story fact also?  Having this confirmed was a shock for us.  We had been tracking the presence of “contractors” servicing UAV aircraft in this region and knew it was impossible to be arming and operating them against terrorists as facilities for this are unavailable at the 3 small air strips in the region.  Each Hawk holds tens of millions of dollars of processed heroin which can be flown anywhere in the world.  We have numerous confirmations that this is being done.

Tens of thousands will die from this harvest of death.  Who profits and why is it necessary for chaos to continue for the money to flow?

First of all, with this much money, assume everyone is involved, no country is totally free, including our ally Israel, world’s most capable narco-capitalist but it doesn’t stop there.

Then Gordon Duff explains how narcotics and terrorism serve each other. He explains how the United States engineered the agendas of Iran, Israel and the Arabs to create a backdrop upon which the United States now casts the illusion of terrorism. And most relevant, he tells us how to recognize criminals by following the money while identifying criminals every day such as when:

  • “… a military leader tells you that opium has to be protected…”
  • “… you hear a politician talk about Afghanistan, carefully avoiding taking responsibility for massive increases in drug trafficking under US control…”
  • “… you see a politician on television talking about heroes, heroes in a war protecting no one, heroes in a war meant only to live on itself, killing spending and growing as though it were alive, talking war but never addressing the cause of war or the cost of war…”
  • “… you know this government is working in support of terrorism…” because “… a terrorist moves from one country to another through the toughest airports in the world while Nobel Prize winners sit in detention for hours because a “suspect” somewhere has the same last name they do…”

Gordon Duff concludes by asking these questions:

If terrorism didn’t exist, would we invent it?  Was terrorism invented to replace the Cold War?

Are all intelligence and security agencies involved in terrorist acts?  How can American or Israel or even Indian groups recruit Islamic terrorists?  How can the tiny nation, Israel, push America into war and economic collapse?

Who is served by terrorism?  If our own governments helped create terrorism, was it done to instill a regime of oppression under the guise of “keeping us safe?”

Has terrorism raised the profits of arms and oil fiends and lowered our standard of living?  How many countries are now drowning in debt?  How has terrorism managed to impoverish only the world’s middle class?  Why has the one nation that complains most about terrorism gained the most from it?

How many millions more are living in poverty and ignorance while billions are spent to end the terrorism we only seem to be fueling?

How much less free is the world, how much more are we all watched, listened to and threatened in our daily lives because of the business of profiting from terrorism?

Who are the real terrorists?

Meanwhile, LEAP noticed this remarkable DEA testimony at a Senate hearing:

Mexico is the number one foreign supplier of marijuana abused in the United States. In fact, according to a 2008 inter-agency report, marijuana is the top revenue generator for Mexican DTOs—a cash crop that finances corruption and the carnage of violence year after year. The profits derived from marijuana trafficking—an industry with minimal overhead costs, controlled entirely by the traffickers—are used not only to finance other drug enterprises by Mexico’s poly-drug cartels, but also to pay recurring “business” expenses, purchase weapons, and bribe corrupt officials.

Marijuana, a drug known for producing pain relief, mild euphoria and welcome relaxation ends up financing international networks of Mexican drug lords. This remarkably incongruous connection begs further understanding.

You know that this isn’t happening because Mexican drug lords grow the best marijuana.  If the United States of America’s failed so-called war on drugs did not destroy as much domestic marijuana as possible, Mexican drug lords could not sell a bong hit.

Every marijuana plant law enforcement uproots, every stash law enforcement “takes off the streets,” every cent of our money law enforcement spends in the war on marijuana, becomes U.S. dollars in the pockets of Mexican drug lords. They get to sell marijuana only because United States of America law enforcement protects their market from domestic competition.

It seems as if both the so-called war on drugs and the so-called war on terror exist to provide cover for global narco-trafficking and keep it profitable. Is this the administration you voted for?


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