Morgellons/Chemtrail Illness Protocol


"Heavy metals, biological pathogens, “fibers”, polymers, and other dangerous materials are being sprayed everyday, all around the planet. The materials are fine particulates and are easily breathed in. Once in the body, they become systemic in less than a minute...." 

Dossier :   
Morgellons/Chemtrail Illness Protocol by Gwen Scott, N.D.
(Le protocole sur les morgellons et autres maladies provoquées par les chemtrails.)
This Morgellons/Chemtrail Illness protocol is on the cutting edge:  It provides essential health information while simultaneously pushing the outer limits of extreme weirdness.  I've studied many strange and fantastic phenomena, and nothing is more bizarre than Morgellons!  I've printed this to read several times and give to family and friends. (We're now taking the diatomaceous earth, etc. too.)  We're living in crazy times and need to take good care of ourselves and loved ones.  This protocol can help.


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