Morgellons, chemtrails, transgenics and transhumanism

Morgellons, chemtrails, transgenics and transhumanism

Posted by labvirus on June 20, 2011


A friend emailed me the video below this morning.  I have been exclaiming this sort of idea for years here, since I started my research into chemtrails and Morgellons.  It was discovered long ago that one of the chemtrail components was a silicon-based nano-organism, similar to bacteria.  Only problem is, all life forms on this planet are carbon-based, so this implies ET origin.  Further research has indicated likely development of this component and its inclusion in the toxic heavy-metal-laden aerosol mix happened here in our very own armed forces pathology labs, the same places where “swine flu”, “bird flu”, and HIV viruses sprang from under orders from the Club of Rome.


Anyone interested in more research into chemtrails and Morgellons please visit the chemtrail resources link on this site.


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