Liberty, Agenda 21, and You

Liberty, Agenda 21, and You

Posted by labvirus on July 4, 2011


If you’re not familiar with what the UN’s Agenda 21 is, now’s the time to get brushed up and up to speed on what it is, who’s behind it, and what it means to you.  Basically, it’s a plan run by globalists to “re-wild” the majority of the US and force all into urban centers, while at the same time killing off a whole bunch of us to make their plan go easier.  Part and parcel of the Agenda 21 plan are Codex Alimentarius and catastrophic “natural disasters” which cause mass death and upheaval, meanwhile rendering land uninhabitable and seized by the government, ready to sell to folks like George Soros and pals.  It’s already happening in the midwest, and this “operation flood” is no accident at all.


— On Sun, 7/3/11, Daneen wrote:

The following is a compilation of the UN’s Agenda 21 (aka, Sustainable Development) with videos included, found here:

I would like to suggest that you go beyond the shortened videos clips presented below, and view the full versions.

RED ALERT: Obama Signs Executive Order 13575 “RURAL COUNCILS” – THIS IS Agenda 21

Ed Note: This is some of the most important information we’ve ever posted at SGTreport. Please share it.


The traitorous “President” Barack Obama has taken the next step to bring America under United Nations ‘Agenda 21′ tyranny. Obama signed Executive Order 13575 which will seize greater power over food and energy in rural areas across our once great, and once free nation. The President created the ‘White House Rural Council’ to “make sure we’re working across government to strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth.”


In yet another page from the Orwellian playbook, this positive spin on yet another tyrannical Executive Order will no more “strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth” than supporting the tyrannical “Patriot Act” will make you patriotic. (6:00)


If UN ‘Agenda 21′ is new to you, I implore you to research it further. Because the controlling Oligarchy of this planet intends to imprison the world through the manipulation and total control of not only your currency, but of your food and nutriton. (9:32)


Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21 will destroy some of the most important things human beings require in order to remain healthy and free: YOUR ability to access proper nutrition and to eat healthy foods.


There is an organized and concentrated effort to drastically reduce the world’s population – that includes YOU. The evidence of this fact is clear to any thinking person, including Catherine Austin Fitts:


But WHY??? Why does the ‘Elite’, this ‘Controlling Oligarchy’, WANT TO DESTROY societies and reduce world wide population by as much as 90%?


This is a short three minute video is a ‘real life’ example of how they plan their communist takeover of our property one rural town at a time:’s_page.htm


Featured is South Carolina Representative Joe Neal who explains how Richland country adopted a ‘comprehensive plan’ of ‘sustainable development’ concepts.  They really do think we are just sheeple who won’t fight back.


Agenda 21 Part III:  Maryland Country Abolishes Agenda 21 – Now it’s Your Turn


Once you know the various names for their stealth theft of our properties, you will be in a position to fight back: (Scroll down)


Researcher, Author and Founder


and from AL of



For many years I’ve been told that all fiat currencies eventually collapse. What happens however, when the global reserve fiat currency collapses? Will all be forced into Relocalization? Will Governor’s wake up and finally realize that the Federal Government has been run by a criminal cartel since the assassination of JFK? Will the people wake up and realize the reason we have a currency that is backed by ‘nothin’ (fiat) is because the criminal cartel known as the Federal Reserve stole the people’s gold back in the 30′s and then intentionally created a ‘money/debt’ system?


Here’s one person’s take on the coming collapse of the dollar, which is extremely astute.


This is one of the many reasons Ellen Brown’s state bank effort is so very important. We can actually fund our own recovery.

“Infinite money hits a very finite world” is a wise statement when it comes to the collapse of the dollar. However, we live in a world that also has infinite possibilities. Many ideas and endeavors have been held back by the current corrupt corporate system we now have. These ideas and endeavors will finally get a chance to come forward and help us create something better . . . much better. However, we will need a state banking system (Ellen Brown’s effort) to fund these ideas.


If you don’t believe that would work, please listen to the extremely poignant and inspiring talk of Australia’s Jeremy Lee. He explains how Australia pulled themselves out of the depression via their own public bank: Nations (States) must print their own money
Jeremy Lee is brilliant and an excellent story teller!



Stop spending time trying to fix Washington and trying to prevent global warming . . . energy usage is going to go down – way down. Conservation will be forced on the whole population. And please stop listening to the national media it is just a high-tech very expensive propaganda machine and has been since before WWI!


Let’s dust off and take local solutions seriously:
Food: food storage, canning, preserving, growing, distributing and PERMACULTURE.  (Look at Local Harvest for your area)
Local (or state) currency

Local barter systems

Natural remedies that can take the place of expensive pharmaceuticals – that people won’t be able to afford
Local militias can offer to assist the police should things get out of control

The local (federal??) fusion centers could actually be quite useful helping us match up ‘people who wish to work’ with ‘people needed for specific efforts’. Their system can actually be put to GOOD use locally. The Great Depression had no such system.The ‘robber baron banksters made out like bandits’ from their creation of The Great Depression! Not this time. The Greek people have it right: We Don’t Owe, We Don’t Sell, We Don’t Pay!! The Central Bankers and the Congress they have bribed have created this crisis. Since they have both stolen from everyone for many years . . . they can use their own funds to make things right. The people cannot be asked to pay odius debt.


Did you know that genetically our DNA was ‘designed’ for adaptability? Humanity was never about survival of the fittest – that was always bogus science advanced by the ‘elite’ who chose to think of themselves as the fittest – divine rights of kings and all that rot! In fact new discoveries prove beyond any doubt that we are absolutely amazing! Our potential as humans is not finite, but infinite!

We can relocalize!



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