Lenny’s 528

The “New Age” cults want everyone to believe it is part of harmless and wonderful MEDITATION and “DNA REPAIR” — nope – it destroys DNA and OPENS THE HUMAN BEING UP TO SHAPE-SHIFTING by the “Watchers”.   It is dangerous SOUL POISON in reality.

Début d'analyse sur les sons proposés pour les méditations profondes.

The Sounds of Satan: Lenny’s 528

Posted by labvirus on July 22, 2011

[this is addressed to Dr Mike Castle but is authorized by A. True Ott PhD for public consumption.  Beware the "love" frequency - it is nothing of the sort.  Read on.]



Thanks.  I am just way tired and stressed today.  An all-nighter spent getting my business back on line after a major hack.   Joan is upset and fearful that my radio show is destroying the business.  She is right of course.


There is so much BS and devilish disinformation out there these days.  It never stops.

I receive “healthy world” e-mails too, and yes, this latest dribble from Wolf-Boy is no surprise.

Actually, I was working on another written expose dealing with this very topic before I was sidetracked yesterday.  In a nutshell:

The 3-6-9- “Solfeggio” tones that Horowitz shows in his book and on the 9-pointed “star” is indeed a most powerful story.  HOWEVER, it is 100% tied to something called “Enochian Magic” – which is basically the highest pinnacle of Black Magic and Kabbalah practitioners.


Enochian Magic deals with using “sacred geometry” and GEMATRIA (numerology) to disrupt the inter-dimensional tone-frequency “watchtowers” between heaven, earth, and hell.  (The “Enmity” placed between the “Serpent” Satan and the “Seed of the Woman”.) The specific “tones” tied to the original Gregorian “chants” and musical scales were all originally part of this system of very powerful witchcraft and SORCERY dating back to Solomon himself.


There are specific tones tied to the number 3 – (3 is the number of hu-mans), and tones that in gematria circumscribe to “one great whole” – or key number – tied to God and the true Angels – the number 9.   The specific “sacred tones” tied to the number 6, are likewise known in the ancient grimoires (magic books) as the tones invoking the Anti-Christ (anti-God) Demon entities such as Satan, Lucifer, or specifically – to the “head demon” — specifically known as Azazel – the “Goat-God” of the “Watchers” – the “FALLEN ANGELIC HORDE” (again where we see the etymology of the root word – Hor, or Hure – meaning a conjurer of demons, and the root of the word “Horror”  (Horo – witz literally means, in Yiddish, the conjuring of demons at the expense of the human soul – as the ancient word for “soul” is WITS or WITZ.)


Horowitz is focusing ENTIRELY on the primary demonic-conjuring tone 528, while completely ignoring the true healing tones of connection between God and man (9 and 6 respectively).   528 has NOTHING to do with “love” – but everything to do with invoking the demonic entity known as Azazel – according to the “Zohar”. 


 I know this, because I had discussed and studied this topic for countless hours with Dr. Joey Puleo – who, as you know, was honestly trying to sort it all out – and had indeed accessed the Vatican’s files on this subject.  528 = 6 and is known in the ancient manuscripts simply as the “DEVIL’S NUMBER”  (three sixes 666 means the number of MAN in the form of Azazel or Satan’s demonic spirit – the number 6 in a form of 3 -( 3 again being the number of MAN.)   The 528 solfeggio tone is the gematrial symbol of 6 manifesting in THREE movements or “tonal frequencies”.  Get it?


When invoking specific hz frequencies of tones via specific “tuning forks” – one needs to understand the basics of inter-dimensional “physics”.   528 is a “6″ solfeggio -  528 (1st or starting number) 5+2+9=15 (2nd number or “frequency” movement) 1+5=6 (final 3rd gematria – 3=man or human WITS or Soul energy.)   The HEBREW symbol for the number 6 ALSO means “Nail”.   Mormonism’s temple “ritual” bestows on the ignorant initiate the “sign of the nail (6)” and the sign of “the nail (6) in the sure place” (human hand and wrist respectively).   Of course, this is how JESUS was nailed to the cross – a demonic symbol of DEATH AND TORTURE performed ritually on the “God in the Flesh” – Emmanuel – and symbolically means THE NAIL (Satan) has conquered God’s Only Begotten Son, (Jesus).   This is a KEY PRINCIPLE in the RABBINIC TALMUD of BABYLON — Christ is a phony and deserved to die by torture, you see, and AZAZEL is KING.


Read LDS Church History in depth, and you find that Joseph Smith’s secret “New Name” was none other than “Enoch”.   Joseph Smith was deep into Enochian Magic – and that’s NOT a good thing, Mike.


Incredibly, in Horowitz’s presentation this spring at the “Conscious Living” expo in L.A. — he showed publicly a slide showing all of this in plain view – the number (and corresponding tones) of the number 6 solfeggio are clearly identified as the DEVIL’S NUMBERS.


This is nothing NEW, actually.  Demonic “high priestesses” have been using this tone for centuries to invoke AZAZEL – the demon goat god and KEY TO SHAPESHIFTING AND SKINWALKING in shamanism world wide.   It is part of the “Eyes Wide Shut” ritual – and eventually ends with a “scapegoat” human child being sacrificed.    Of course, the “New Age” cults want everyone to believe it is part of harmless and wonderful MEDITATION and “DNA REPAIR” — nope – it destroys DNA and OPENS THE HUMAN BEING UP TO SHAPE-SHIFTING by the “Watchers”.   It is dangerous SOUL POISON in reality.


See for example the video In the “Language of Light ” The Language of PEACE, By: *Shekina Rose, Angelic Messenger of Mother Goddess SHEKINAH & Channel of the Blue Ray who sings in the 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}  (Shekinah is in the KABALLAH and TALMUD and is a title given to any woman who can successfully invoke Azazel and his LEGIONS.) Notice “Shekinah” invokes a giant winged “Bird” – yet another description of the “watchers” and the demon Azazel.  



BE CAREFUL LISTENING TO THIS “MOTHER GODDESS” — she can instantly put you into an altered state.


People are being MISLED by these New Age (rhymes with Sewage) SATANISTS.  All I can say is to look at the very word – ILLUMINATI — it means literally “the ILLUMINATED ones”.  Illuminated by WHAT?   Simply the “light” of Lucifer – the Son of the Morning – he who “Brings FIRST LIGHT to the earth.”  This is the BIGGEST SECRET.  This is why Mormon Temples and Masonic Temples ALL HAVE THEIR ALTARS IN THE EAST OF THEIR INITITATES – for it is LUCIFER who they are worshiping.  He is the “Nail” – the “God of the East” worshiped in Mormonism as well as Orthodox Judaism and their “Jesuitical Order”.  Lucifer — The “SON OF THE MORNING” according to Isaiah.

There you have it.  Stunning, isn’t it?


Sherri Kane refers to herself as a “Shekinah” – and I have evidence that her “attack” on me was solely by means of her “psychic” channeling.   Horo’sWitch is her actual title.

Feel free to circulate this widely.



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