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Recent announcements from scientific community boost search for extraterrestrial life

  Recent announcements from the scientific community have given a boost to the search for extraterrestrial life, and seem to have sharply increased the mainstream public’s interest in the subject...Another announcement from the scientific community was delivered by NASA on December 2nd at a press conference at the NASA headquarters auditorium in Washington, DC.  


Air Force servicemen drugged after UFO sighting says retired Colonel  

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Col. Charles Halt

 Retired Colonel Charles Halt says that he believes security personnel were secretly drugged and hypnotized after witnessing an extraordinary UFO event. Halt was the base commander of Bentwaters Royal Air Force base, where the UFO incident took place, while it was being leased by the USAF during the cold war. He made these statements on Open Minds Radio, an online radio program featuring news on the UFO phenomena and will be elaborating on his experience at the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona next February.



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UFO News


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International UFO Congress

UFO Congress Brochure




The brochure for the 20th Annual UFO Congress is now available. February is just around the corner and we hope you will be able to join us for what is sure to be a monumental event. We’ve been working hard since last February in order to ensure that the 20th Annual IUFOC is one you won’t forget!




Remember to book your hotel room early – once the hotel is fully booked we will have overflow hotels standing by (and free shuttle to/from the conference). You can book your hotel room online at the Radission UFO page or by calling 1-800-395-7046 and mentioning the “Open Minds UFO Conference” to get your discounted rate.




Download the brochure here: 2011 UFO Congress Brochure




















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