Latest from Cryptome 27 July 2011

Latest from Cryptome 27 July 2011

Posted by labvirus on July 27, 2011

hhs072711.htm Anthrax Emergency Use of Doxycycline Hyclate July 27, 2011 phmsa072711.htm Pipeline Hazards Caused by Flooding July 27, 2011 uscg072711.htm Coast Guard Quarterly Report on Restrictions July 27, 2011 daiichi-072711.pdf Fukushima Daiichi NPP Unit 3 Probe by Quince July 27, 2011 daiichi-072711-2.pdf Fukushima Daiichi NPP Unit 3 Probe Quince Photos July 27, 2011 merc-code.pdf Mercenary Code of Conduct July 27, 2011 reid-search.pdf Reid Home Search Warrant Re Anon Op Payback July 26, 2011 (3.4MB) miles-release.pdf Ethan Miles Release Conditions no/Trojan July 26, 2011 (1.4MB) gao-11-869t.pdf DHS Global Nuclear Detection Architecture Gaps July 26, 2011 gao-11-865t.pdf Critical Infrastructure Needs Cybersecurity July 26, 2011 gao-11-565.pdf Government Data Centers Need Consolidation July 26, 2011 (2.2MB) usa-v-14alleged.htm USA v. Fourteen Alleged PayPal Hackers July 25, 2011 moore-complaint.pdf Lance Moore Complaint for Alleged ATT Hack July 25, 2011 moore-release.pdf Lance Moore Release Conditions w/Trojan July 25, 2011 ATT Hack puglisi-release.pdf Jeffrey Puglisi Release Conditions w/Trojan July 25, 2011 aka Jeffer Jefferp Ji kershaw-release.pdf Vincent Kershaw Release Conditions w/Trojan July 25, 2011 aka Trivette Triv Reaper husband-release.pdf Donald Husband Release Conditions w/Trojan July 25, 2011 aka Ananon downey-release.pdf Keith Downey Release Conditions part/Trojan July 25, 2011 haefer-release.pdf Mercede Haefer Release Conditions w/o Trojan July 25, 2011 aka No MMMM gao-11-75.pdf DOD Faces Challenges In Its Cyber Activities July 25, 2011 dod-lisp-sol.htm DoD Contractor LISP Solicitation Warning July 25, 2011 arciszewski-001.pdf FBI on Tampa Infragard Hack by VoodooKobra July 24, 2011 usa-v-cooper.htm USA v. Christopher Cooper aka Anthrophobic July 24, 2011 fbi-trojan.pdf Court Orders FBI Trojan on Anonymous Computers July 23, 2011 AXFR_int.txt AXFR_int July 23, 2011 July 23, 2011 July 23, 2011 July 23, 2011 sitroom-campaign.htm White House Situation Room Photo Campaign July 22, 2011 16hackers-indict.pdf 16 Alleged Paypal Hackers Indictment July 21, 2011 (1.1MB) nato-isaf-jccc.pdf CIS Support for ISAF JCCC - NATO Restricted July 21, 2011 (456KB) wh-obl-gaps.htm White House Obama bin Laden Kill Show Gaps July 21, 2011 fda072011.htm Focused Ultrasound Stimulator System July 21, 2011 aaron-swartz.pdf Aaron Swartz Indictment for JSTOR Siphon July 20, 2011 spy-doc-specs.pdf Specifications for Spying Documents July 20, 2011 rjitf-2011.pdf Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility July 20, 2011 (706KB) Marine Full Spectrum Cyberspace Operations FOUO July 20, 2011 (4.1MB) dos-key-071911.pdf State Department Key Officers Directory 071911 July 20, 2011 cia-cos-kr.htm CIA Chief of Station Korea Photos July 20, 2011 doe072011.htm Continued Operation of Y-12 Megadeath Complex July 20, 2011 nrc072011.htm Explosions Nearby Nuclear Plants and Transport July 20, 2011 fcc072011.htm Implementation of the Truth in Caller ID Act July 20, 2011 hospital-refuse.htm Hospital Refuses to Disclose Emergency Plan July 19, 2011 fbi-hackback.htm 16 Arrested in the US for Alleged Cyber Attacks July 19, 2011 doe071911.htm DOE on Nuclear Waste Site Failed Safety Culture July 19, 2011 nist071911.htm National Construction Safety Team Set July 19, 2011 lamo-brad-otr.htm Lamo-Manning Chat Logs OTR Deniability July 18, 2011 cutbank-leak.htm Oil Leak Flooded into the Montana Cutbank River July 18, 2011

British Teen Held Amid Global Hacking Probe

Murdochs were given secret defense briefings

Video of CA police killing homeless, mentally ill man stirs outrage

Synarchy: “Judeo-Christian” Theocracy Fronts for International Banking Cartel


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