"L'OMS va-t-elle tirer profit de l'élimination de l'élite polonaise ?"

"L'OMS va-t-elle tirer profit de l'élimination de l'élite polonaise ?"

Une analyse extraite du site de Jane BÜRGERMEISTER qui vient d'être interdit ce matin.

Son site a été attaqué !

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BURGERMEISTER L'OMS va t elle tirer profit de l'élimination de l'élite polonaise.pdf

Polish prosecutors examine video footage of crash site with gunshots

April 16, 2010 by Jane Burgermeister

Polish state prosecutors are examining video footage shot in the immediate aftermath of the crash of a Tupolev plane into wooded area beside runway of Smolensk airport on Saturday, killing about 100 high ranking Polish military and civilian officials.

Four gunshots from a small calibre pistol can be heard on the video clip.

Sirens from approaching emergency crews, and panicked shouts can also be heard in the short clip filmed by a camera operator who zig zags in a wooded area a few metres from wreckage.

Evidence that guns were fired at the crash site has triggered speculation that military personnel searched the crash site, looking for survivors and killing any crew members who were left alive.

A motive for such a „cleaning up“ operation could be to eliminate witnesses to an engineered crash.

Another explanation for the gunshots is that cartridges from the weapons of the bodyguards exploded.

The video shows no evidence of bodies, parts of bodies or of personnel belongings among the pieces of wreckage strewn in the woods as might be expected for a plane with 100 passengers.

About 100 people were supposed to have been on board the Tu-154 plane among them President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, Maria, the Polish central bank governor, national security chief and all military chiefs.

The absence of body parts strongly suggests that the high level military and civilian officials were executed elsewhere, and that the plane crash was staged in Russia to explain their disappearance and to restrict an investigation.


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