Israel Did 9-11 – How Zionists React to the Truth

Israel Did 9-11 – How Zionists React to the Truth

Posted: 06 May 2010 11:47 AM PDT


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By Christopher Bollyn* | Sabbah Report |

This article has been updated with photos of a Zionist Jew

attacking Zan on a sidewalk in Los Angeles as he peacefully

 picketed with a sign that said "Israel – not Muslims – did 9-11".

These photos open up the much neglected subject of Zionist

violence against American 9-11 truth activists. Like Zan in

Los Angeles, I have been subjected to Zionist violence and

 malicious prosecution for exercising my Constitutional rights

while pursuing the truth of what happened on 9-11, as have

 fellow 9-11 activists in Worcester, Massachusetts. It should be

 noted that all three victims of Zionist violence (Zan, Bollyn,

and Hmura) were attacked for peacefully exercising their

Constitutional freedom of speech.

Violence is inherent to Zionism, a racist ideology of Jewish

 supremacism that seeks to impose itself on the people of

Palestine and the Middle East — and the United States of

America. People who support Zionism are supporting a state

 and ideology that was born in massacres and ethnic cleansing

 and which requires constant violence just to maintain itself.

Having seen the injustice and violence inherent to Zionism

during my many trips to Israel and Palestine, I am well aware

of the support militant Zionism has among American Jews and

 misguided Gentiles. I also realized that it is not possible or

prudent, as an American Christian, to challenge Zionism in

Israel and that the crucial struggle is really for the hearts and

minds of my fellow Americans. The false-flag terror attacks

of 9-11 were actually a massive manifestation of Zionist

violence – against innocent Americans. The struggle is now

to bring the facts about who is really behind 9-11 and the

 "War on Terror" to our fellow Americans and to liberate our

nation from unnecessary violence and suffering.

Zan, a long-time reader and supporter of from

Los Angeles, shows how one man can make a big difference.

Zan exercised his fundamental American right of free speech

 holding a sign which said:

DID 9/11!
(* with Jewish and Gentile American helpers)

WATCH CLOSELY: Zan also mentions the story of Deir Yassin Massacre

Zan peacefully held his sign and handed out a four-page flyer

to those who wanted it, while standing on a sidewalk near a

theatre in Los Angeles where an event put on by the conservative

radio station KRLA (a Salem Communications station) was

taking place last November.

While Zan picketed peacefully with his sign he was attacked by

 a belligerent and aggressive Jew who is seen in the video

saying that his violent attack against Zan was his way of

expressing his opinion. Zan wrote this to me:

We didn't get video of the man in the long white shirt

grabbing my signs, trying to rip them up. Failing that,

 he threw them on the ground and started haranguing me.

 The video shows him a little later claiming he had a right

 to express himself as I had a right to express myself.

He expressed himself by an act of battery. I told him this

is not Israel and I am not a Palestinian. I am attaching

two still photos that show the incident, not as fully as I

would like but thought it might interest you.

The Jewish man attacks Zan, ripping his signs away, trying to tear them up, and throwing them to the ground. Zan is seen picking up his signs. Who is this man?

After the attack, the aggressive and arrogant Jew tells Zan that attacking him (and his freedom of speech) is his way of expressing himself. I would like to know if anyone knows the name of the arrogant and violent man who attacked Zan.

The hostile and abusive reactions of some of the people are

very interesting and show how difficult it is for many people

to accept information that does not square with the Zionist

 worldview presented by the controlled media in the United

States. The Zionist-controlled media defines reality for most

people in America. If they have not seen it on CNN, CBS, NBC,

 ABC, or FOX News, and read about it in the New York Times,

TIME, Newsweek, and the Washington Post – well, it must not

 be true. Many Americans accept and parrot the political point

of view of their favorite TV or radio personality (e.g. Bill O'Reilly,

 Rush Limbaugh, etc.). You often hear people expressing their

opinion using the exact same terms and phrases spewed by

these highly-paid talking heads. One of the people in the video

 below displays this when he says that the official version has

been proved – by the media! (The controlled media is the last

place to expect to find any truth about 9-11.)

The interaction with the woman who tries to make a joke about

 "nano-thermites" is an example of trying to laugh off the

evidence of a very real mass murder. It is similar to the man

who tries to belittle Zan by joking that he had lost his mind

following a stroke, or the other who said he is "not well." This

is the typical use of ad hominem attacks to deny the facts of

the message by attacking the messenger.

Zan shows how an average American can exercise his right of

free speech, peacefully and intelligently, to shame the real

culprits of 9-11 while bringing public attention to the huge

deception that changed the world. What a great example Zan

is for all free, patriotic, and Truth-loving Americans –

and like-minded people around the world. Well done, Zan,

 well done!

* Christopher Bollyn is an independent American investigative journalist

Israel Did 9-11 – How Zionists React to the Truth was published

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How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11

Posted: 06 May 2010 11:01 AM PDT

By Christopher Bollyn* | Sabbah Report |

Badness always manifests in destruction and corruption,

while goodness always manifests in preservation and

- Socrates in Plato's Republic (ca. 374 B.C.)

"Wanted" posters of Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak in Jerusalem, April 2010. Olmert and Barak are accused of bribery and corruption in Israel and indictable for serious war crimes in Gaza. Both men are architects of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11. Olmert, for example, was on a secret visit in New York City on 9-11. When will we see posters in the United States calling for the arrest of Olmert and Barak?


was a Mossad operation – period.
Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of Strategic Studies

Institute, U.S. Army War College

"And how can it be profitable for a person's immorality

to go unnoticed and unpunished? The consequence of a

criminal getting away with his crimes is that he becomes

a worse person."
- Socrates in Plato's Republic, "Happiness and Unhappiness"

Ehud Barak, Israel's defense minister, has been in the United

States for a week of meetings and speeches. He is, in my

opinion, the key suspect of being the mastermind of the

false-flag terror attacks of 9-11. I am providing this brief

article to explain how I think he did it.

Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9-11, Ehud Barak

(the founder and master of the Israeli military's covert

operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio

 of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political)

explanation to the world. Barak, the real mastermind of 9-11,

was the first person to call for a "War on Terror" – and U.S.

intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East. This is how

false-flag terrorism works. The perpetrator is the first one to

assign blame by pointing his finger at his enemy in order to

shape public opinion, which is the real purpose of such atrocities.

Video link:

Ehud Barak (Brug) was born at Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon

on 12 February 1942. He enlisted in the Israeli Army at age 17,

became a career army officer, and helped to found and lead the

 elite Sayeret Matkal covert operations commando unit. After

 serving as head of Israeli Intelligence and Central Command

during the 1980s, Barak was appointed IDF Chief of Staff, in

1991. Barak was Israel's minister of defense during Israel's

assault on the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009. Based on the report

of the U.N. Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, written

by Justice Richard Goldstone, Barak is legally responsible for

a host of war crimes committed during

 that assault. The United States (and all other nations who have

 ratified the Geneva Conventions) are obliged to arrest Ehud

Barak based on the evidence and findings presented in the

Goldstone report.

Socrates' point that unpunished criminals become worse is very

much the story of modern Israel. The most serious criminals of

the Zionist state have never been punished in any meaningful

way by the international community – or the United States.

This laissez faire attitude regarding Zionist criminals has only

enabled and emboldened the most unscrupulous and aggressive

criminals to rise to the top of the Israeli government, where they

 sit today. The criminal audacity of Israel's leaders is, however,

simply not sustainable for the long term because their rampant

criminality endangers the Zionist state, its citizens, and even its


Zionist Jews and Israelis living in America, for example, may

 find themselves in a very uncomfortable position when millions

of Americans realize that Israel and its supporters are behind

 the mass murder of 9-11 and the cover-up of the truth, as

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of the Strategic Studies

 Institute of the U.S. Army War College, has repeatedly warned.

It seems to be only a matter of time before this uncomfortable

situation becomes a reality. It should be noted that the Israeli

prime minister at the time of the attacks was Ariel Sharon,

 a Zionist extremist and terrorist who believes that American

Jews (actually all Jews) should live in Israel. Sharon had a

dream that one million American Jews would emigrate to Israel,

 while in reality more Israelis have chosen to live in America.

Was 9-11 designed to force Jews to move to Israel?

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak (left) talks with Minister of Pensioner Affairs Rafi Eitan as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (center) waits to start the weekly cabinet meeting May 25, 2008 in Jerusalem. Eitan is wanted by the FBI for his role as the spymaster of Jonathan Pollard. Olmert was in New York City on 9-11 on a visit that has been kept secret. These three men know very well who was behind the terrorism of 9-11 - and it wasn't Osama Bin Laden and his band of twenty thieves.

Ehud Barak was prime minister of Israel from July 1999 until

 March 7, 2001, when he was replaced by Ariel Sharon.

 I attended an event at the Chicago campus of the University of

Illinois where both Barak, then prime minister, and Sharon

were involved shortly before the election that brought Sharon

 to power. The fact that Barak and Sharon had travelled to

Chicago together illustrated the utter fakeness of their rivalry.

Previous positions held by Barak include Head of Defense

Planning and Budgeting, Head of the Israeli Intelligence

Community, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense

Forces (IDF), Minister of the Interior in Prime Minister Itzhak

Rabin's cabinet, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Shimon Peres

 cabinet, and Labor Party Chairman. If Israel is involved in 9-11,

 as Dr. Alan Sabrosky says (and which the evidence strongly

 indicates) Barak certainly knows all about it.

When Sharon assumed power in March 2001, Barak came to

America. He supposedly came to the United States to work as a

special advisor for Electronic Data Systems and as a partner

with SCP Partners, a Mossad-run private equity company

 focused on "security-related" work – but this was merely his

cover. His real assignment was to oversee the terror attacks

of 9-11. As a partner with SCP Partners Barak was well placed to

 supervise the false-flag terror operation. The complex false-flag

 terror attacks of 9-11 required that the mastermind of the

operation be in the country to manage the critical details.

One of the key aspects of 9-11 that Barak needed to arrange was

the production and application of an advanced form of

super-thermite, an extremely powerful explosive produced using

 nano-technology. In 2001, SCP Partners happened to have a

suitable company in their portfolio, a private company called

Metallurg Holdings, Inc., which has its office in Wayne,

 Pennsylvania. Today, SCP has another company called

Advanced Metallurgical Group, N.V. (AMG) in its portfolio.

AMG and Metallurg actually share the same phone number and

 address at 435 Devon Park Drive in Wayne.

SCP Private Equity Partners L.P. and its management company

named Safeguard International, which controls the metallurgical

 subsidiaries, are also both based at this address. AMG/Safeguard

International have several subsidiaries, including one that

specializes in the production of atomized aluminum (a crucial

component of super-thermite) and others which manufacture

specialized coatings of nano-composites.

SCP Partners, where Ehud Barak worked from 2001 until 2007,

 clearly had the capability in 2001 to produce nano-composite

 explosives like the super-thermite used to pulverize the World

Trade Center on 9-11. There are very few companies or countries

in the world that had the capability to manufacture super-thermite

 in 2001, but Ehud Barak and his SCP Partners did. Osama

Bin Laden and Al Qaida, on the other hand, did not and could

not have had anything to do with the super-thermite found in

 the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers. The government

version is a pack of lies designed to start a pre-planned war

of aggression against Afghanistan. Ehud Barak was actually

the first person to call for the U.S. to invade Afghanistan,

something he did only hours after the attacks.

Chips of super-thermite found in the dust of the World Trade Center by Dr. Steven E. Jones

Rafi Eitan, the octogenarian Mossadnik who ran a spy

operation against the United States using Jonathan Pollard,

 fled to Israel after Pollard was caught in 1985. Eitan was then

 offered the position as head of state-owned Israel Chemicals

Corporation, which also has production and manufacturing

facilities in the United States. In 1978, when Israeli intelligence

began planning the false-flag terror operation of 9-11

 (according to the documented comments of senior Mossadnik

 Isser Harel), Eitan was serving as Menachem Begin's "advisor

 on terrorism". This is the real reason that Rafi Eitan remained

 in the Israeli security cabinet until 2009 – he is one of the

architects of 9-11.

Rafi Eitan was also involved in the 1968 theft and illegal

smuggling of nearly 600 pounds of plutonium from a plant in

 Pennsylvania to Israel for the production of nuclear weapons.

As the Pittsburgh Tribune reported in a series of articles about

 the stolen plutonium, Eitan is the key suspect:

Four other Israelis visited NUMEC on Sept. 10, 1968, and

met with Shapiro [then-NUMEC President Zalman M. Shapiro,

 a staunch supporter of Israel] to "discuss thermoelectric

devices (unclassified)," according to a Sept. 12, 1968,

letter from Bruce D. Rice, NUMEC security manager,

to Harry R. Walsh, director of AEC security and property

management, seeking AEC approval for the visit.

The four visitors were: Avraham Hermoni, Ephraim

Beigon, Abraham Bendor and Raphael (or, Rafael) Eitan.

In their 1991 book, "Dangerous Liaison," Andrew and

Leslie Cockburn wrote, "At the time of his visit to Apollo

in 1968, Eitan was acting as an agent for Mossad on

 special assignment to LAKAM … a shadowy intelligence

agency … born in the 1950s with the express purpose of

acquiring nuclear technology by any means."

Soon after the men's visit, 587 pounds of weapons-grade

uranium reportedly went missing from NUMEC, according

 to Udall's papers.

In a recent article entitled "America's Loose Nukes in Israel

," Grant Smith wrote: "To date, all of the uranium-diversion

masterminds, financiers, and beneficiaries have escaped

criminal prosecution, even as U.S. taxpayers fund a nuclear

waste cleanup at the (now defunct) NUMEC Apollo facility."

Eitan's unscrupulous character can be seen in a comment he

made to the wife and lawyer for Jonathan Pollard, the captured

spy he had managed:

Eitan told us the only thing he regrets about the Pollard

affair is that he did not 'finish the job' before leaving the

States. We asked him what he meant by this. Eitan replied,

"If I had been at the embassy when Pollard came to seek

asylum, I would have put a bullet through his head. There

 would have been no Pollard affair."
Esther Pollard, Maariv, March 30, 2006

Raphael Hantman a.k.a. Rafi Eitan

"In principle, when there is a war on terror you conduct it

 without principles. You simply fight it." – Rafi Eitan to

 Ha'aretz, February 19, 2010

At SCP Partners Barak worked closely with another Mossadnik

 named Eitan – Yaron I. Eitan. Although Yaron Eitan looks

 very much like Rafi Eitan, the relationship between the two

Eitans is not known. Rafi Eitan was actually born Raphael

Hantman in Mandate Palestine to Noah Hantman from Minsk,

 Byelorussia. Rafi reportedly has three children, named Yael, Sharon, and Yuval.

Yaron I. Eitan

Sources and Recommended Reading:

"America's Loose Nukes in Israel", by Grant Smith, April 14,


Biography of Ehud Barak:

"Government agencies investigated missing uranium, NUMEC",

by Mary Ann Thomas and Ramesh Santanam, Pittsburgh

Tribune-Review, August 25, 2002:

Hillary Clinton laughing at her "friend"
 Ehud Barak's joke
about her bat mitzvah as if his joke
(delivered in barely
understandable English) was hilarious.
This is bizarre
behavior (for a U.S. Secretary of State)
and a classic example
of how one overreacts to conceal an
unpleasant situation.
Clinton's reaction is meant to mask a
sordid and sinister
relationship between high-level criminals. Americans and
 Israelis certainly deserve better leaders.

At the American Jewish Committee gala dinner on April 29 Clinton again displays bizarre behavior vis-a-vis Ehud Barak. Is this proper behavior for a U.S. Secretary of State?

Ehud Barak at a news conference at the
Department of Defense:

Video link:

* Christopher Bollyn is an independent American investigative journalist


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