If anyone thinks this is all due to Planet X/Nibiru/Elenin approaching, my suggestion is to stop drinking fluoride, sober up, and do some real homework

Monitoring Nebraska, Fukushima, Operation Solid Curtain, and NASA’s warning re: Eagle Horizon

Posted by labvirus on June 17, 2011


Well the fit seems to be hitting the shan, otherwise expressed as fecal matter contacting rotating blade apparatus.  Thanks to the likely-AI controlled deployment of the scalar death-star weather/quake weapon system called HAARP, we have “mother nature” throwing “curveballs” which have caused massive snowcap buildup in the rockies, translating into excessive runoff leading to floods, endangering nuclear plants and giving pretext to the blowing of levees at the New Madrid fault area initiating a mass intentional flooding of some 100000+ acres, right on top of a very active seismic zone which much research suggests has been zapped for months in preparation by HAARP so as to soften it up – ready for the straw that will break this camel’s back.  Not to mention the obviously directed wind patterns shotgunning the west coast with nuclear fallout carried across the Pacific from Japan, or the recent eruptions of volcanos.


If anyone thinks this is all due to Planet X/Nibiru/Elenin approaching, my suggestion is to stop drinking fluoride, sober up, and do some real homework.  It is my assertion and that of other educated researchers that TPTB are using their death-star weather weapon to create all of these “natural” disasters to make it seem like the predictions of 2012 “end of the world” might be accurate – when in fact all these events are carefully planned and executed with military precision, then cover stories issued to provide the “plausible deniability” that these are “acts of god”.  Sure they are, except that they are acts of entities playing god, as opposed to those of Yeshua.


If anyone has not taken the 2-1/2 hours to view this interview of Michael Prince, please do so ASAP.  Anyone researched on Michael A. Aquino and the NSA will immediately see the tie-ins, and realize quickly this guy is not BSing and is totally for real in all he says.  Amazing testimony, and completely consistent with everything I have come to know about MK/Monarch, with some mindblowing new revelations.


I gotta tip my hat to Anonymous and LulzSec for hacking the CIA website.  Magnificently brilliant, bravo, well done.  Please keep up the good work folks, you have my complete support.  I am aware there is a strong contingency of these folks here in SF but have no idea who they are – so to any of you who might read this blog, cheers.  I love what you are doing and the fact you are doing it all with style and elegance, absent of any violence vandalism or any other harmful acts.  I thought it brilliant that at the RSA conference someone left a note at a booth being set up by a firm promoting net censorship, scaring them into withdrawing from the conference, leaving only a sign which said something to the effect of due to threats from Anonymous they have chosen not to participate.  We haven’t heard much from those guys since.


I musta hit the nail on the head re: tim white and xena carpenter, not a peep since I posted my assessment of last weekend’s drama.  Curious how Dr Ott is faring after a full week away to spend with his lawyers to go after Knight of Malta Lenny boy and his slut sidekick Sherri Caen (not Kane, oh yeah she’s a real Caen – lots of lies involving these two).  I remain concerned over the enthusiasm within the wearechangeSF group after attending the ConCon here recently (headlined by Lenny and sidekick), and hope they haven’t been swayed into taking any actions suggested by these two as they seem to be working toward organizing some event of their own to host speakers etc.  Funniest thing I saw about the ConCon event email was that one of the topics for seminar discussion was “disinfo agents: have they infiltrated ConCon?” – this while toting the Lenny show as its headlining act.  Mega-barf.


Tis the season for summer festivals, and none bigger in my mind than Burning Man, aka That Thing In The Desert, a weeklong campout in the dry lakebed of Lake Lahontan northeast of Reno NV at the end of August.  I used to be intimately involved for years in various groups preparing for and working the event, and after a while I finally caught on to what the entire thing was about, and I no longer “participate”.  I know that so many people believe wholeheartedly in the good of the event, that it promotes goodwill and community, through a “gifting economy” (sale or barter is prohibited), and many amazing art projects are pulled off yearly due to the concerted efforts of massive teams of hardworking individuals – all for the purpose of placing it out in an interactive way for the attending public, and then burning it to cinders. 


 This event culminates in the burning of the “man”, which is a 50-foot effigy of a person atop a grand base, the centerpoint around which the entire city is built in a semicircular fashion.  For anyone researched into pagan rituals and bonfires, and especially the Ceremony of the Phoenix, it doesn’t become rocket science to put two and two together and see this is potentially one of the best psy-ops around, akin to Psi-Tech, where people literally pay for their own subjugation.  I remember being there when Katrina hit, and granted while many efforts sprung into action to send donations, aid, and doctors without borders, many did not know Katrina was a test-deployment of the weather weapon system – HAARP.  Based on current events still developing, and after reading Captain May’s predictions for this summer’s falseflag activities – posted below – I once again feel that many going up to the “playa” may be focusing their efforts incorrectly on hedonistic activities rather than survival and disaster preparedness.


To top this all off, I still don’t hear many talking about the big pink elephant in the room: the high likelihood of hyperinflation right around the corner.  No one is even remotely aware of how precipitous the China situation is or how inextricably tied the US is to the China economy.  Remember the 2006 speech of the chinese defense minister in Dr Ott’s paper China: Friend or Foe? – and think of the chemtrails, the bioweapons, and the fact that most of the top pharma companies have their biggest manufacturing plants in mainland China.


Congrats to dutchsinse for a safe return and thank you for the valuable data taken independently throughout the midwest and west coast using his geiger counters to calculate local radiation readings from Fukushima fallout.



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