George Galloway, for the next Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza

George Galloway :

*Registration now open for the next Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza*

Registration for the new convoy, Viva Palestina 5 - a Global Lifeline to
Gaza, is now live. The VP team has put a lot of work into reviewing
everyone's feedback from the previous three successful convoys, and from the Freedom Flotilla, in order to make this next convoy even more effective. So even if you have taken part before, please read through the application
process (links at bottom of page) carefully. There are, for example, new
procedures governing registration and controls on finance and aid.

The challenges are immense - the government of Israel, and others, remain
committed to this siege on the Palestinian people. But the chance to make
decisive progress is better now than at any time in the last three years.
The blockade is weakening, though that has come at the enormous price of the
loss of nine aid volunteers aboard the Mavi Marmara when it was so brutally
attacked. Many governments and major NGOs are now calling for an end to the blockade.

Ending this illegal and immoral siege is going to require a huge effort from
all those who care about Palestine. It is also going to need strategic
cooperation between the international aid efforts.

*That's why Viva Palestina has agreed to launch this convoy after extensive
discussions with partners in Gaza and internationally, aimed at maximising
rather than duplicating our efforts. *

It is hoped that a new, bigger, more international flotilla will head off
for Gaza at around the same time as the land convoy is there. In any
case, *Viva Palestina 5 will be the biggest convoy yet*, with three legs - from London, from Casablanca and from Doha, converging at Al Arish.

We are asking you to get behind the convoy in whatever way you can - going
on it, providing a vehicle, fundraising, promoting it and helping to ensure
widespread public awareness as it travels.

*The aid we are taking will be of the highest quality. The people of Gaza
deserve nothing less and we have clear lists of what is needed from those
who are working on the ground and who know first hand.*

We aim to take some of all the different categories of humanitarian relief
required in Gaza. And, of course, by doing so we aim to highlight the unjust
and unsustainable siege.

Enthusiasm for this convoy is very high and we anticipate it filling up
quickly. Already, support is coming in from new areas, such as major trade
unions in the UK, and new coalitions to build the VP5 convoy are forming in
many countries - from New Zealand to Morocco and Italy.

We are very grateful for your ongoing support for the people of Palestine
and for Viva Palestina's efforts.

There are many ways you can help, including volunteering to be part of the
teams working on aid, fundraising, vehicles and so on.

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas. But don't delay, we have
eight weeks to make a major contribution to ending the suffering in the Gaza
Strip and moving a step closer to justice for the Palestinian people.

To read more about the convoy, please click here -
For details on how to register, please click here -


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