Fukushima nuclear fallout: the worst is yet to come


Fukushima nuclear fallout: the worst is yet to come

Posted by labvirus on July 12, 2011

[now seeing the video footage from the Dugard case of their trolling for abductees in playgrounds and parks so many years ago, it starts to make sense the intent behind the frameup of my friend by local news and the feds - it doesnt excuse their lies and actions however.]


I tuned into Rense last night to hear Dr Bill Deagle as a guest talking about the Fukushima disaster.  Despite his constantly plugging his show, his website, and his products throughout the interview, it was nice to see he and Rense getting along to further the discussion about the media coverup along with EPA and CDC, and the potential course this thing is likely going to take down the road.  [all other reservations aside]


Essentially we are all screwed.  North Japan is toast, to quote Deagle, and this thing is only getting worse.  Tepco could be effectively stopping this thing if they wanted to, but their mickey mouse third-grade approach seems to be evidence they are intentionally allowing this thing to progress, and with a promise that in ten years they will have invented technology to stop this, we are pretty much left with a disaster that is already more than 3000 times worse than Chernobyl and is about to get much, much worse.


It’s not the meltdown that is of most concern, it is the melt-through, where the core burns through the last few inches of concrete floor and into the ground and the underground water table – where it likely will create hydrogen steam that travels and can likely cause eruptions all over Japan, and begin spilling very high amounts of radiation into the Pacific, where currents  are dragging it over to the US west coast in a matter of weeks.


All of the MMS media stations are aware of this ongoing disaster and the danger of hot particles and other radiation traveling all over the US, but not one station is reporting on it.  Nope, nothing to see here, move along.  Another sunny day in paradise. to see radioactivity in your state…

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