FDA Medical Mafia

La FDA Gestapo devient folle !!

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How Congress helped created the very mental illness that resulted in the Giffords shooting

1/11/2011 - Giffords was assaulted while doing what more representatives in Washington should be doing: Talking with their constituents at home in a public place, right out in the open. In an age where many members of Congress hide behind closed doors and spend more time meeting with corporate lobbyists than talking...

Health Ranger's predictions for 2011 - 2012; an era of self reliance and human awakening

1/3/2011 - What's ahead for 2011 - 2012? This time in human history promises to bring forth more changes than any other similar duration of time known to our civilization. I believe the changes that will occur in the next two years will rock the foundations of our economies, governments and belief systems. In...

2010 in review: Here's what happened in the world of natural health and health freedom

1/1/2011 - With 2010 officially over, here's a look at the trends and top stories of the year in the world of natural health and health freedom. Throughout 2010, we learned about all sorts of interesting chemicals being used in the conventional food supply. We learned that window cleaning chemicals are injected...

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