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The A-HA Moment: are Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane involved in making false accusations against me with the SF branch of FBI?

Posted by labvirus on July 7, 2011

I have just come to learn that for the first time I am feeling the real heat of danger associated with blogging about such sensitive issues that piss off people like Bert Stubblebine and Michael Aquino. 


 It appears and I will soon have verified that the FBI tried to set me up to have me removed permanently on trumped up child porn charges from a process begun by Len Horowitz, and they bungled the operation and misfired, taking out someone else, and by the time they were active in the sting operation they couldnt correct from their mistake and were forced to see it through to its ultimate inevitable end which still has yet to arrive.  But it is looming soon over the horizon it seems.  Seems my little blog here has gotten me some attention from those who are now trying to cause me serious harm, and now that this effort has blown up in their face and soon all over the media, likely they will be even more pissed off and determined to take me out yet another way. 


 So hear this now folks: if anything should happen to me so that I am killed or otherwise seriously injured, please investigate it thoroughly for you will no doubt find it was no accident and someone was deliberately behind it.  If they will go to such lengths to create such a fuss over little ole me – and it blows up – they wont think twice about fifty grand for a hitman to put a slug in my brain.  These people are playing for keeps and the stakes just got a whole lot higher.  I guess I’ve been promoted.  I have been targeted by COINTELPRO.


I begin to understand more about this situation regarding the piece airing tonight as I just now learn that it seems to be fallout of false claims filed with the San Francisco FBI office by no other than Len Horowitz and his slut sidekick Sherri Kane approximately one week prior to their appearance at Conspiracy Con a few weeks ago down in Santa Clara.  Reportedly they arrived a week early to come to San Francisco to carry forth a separate agenda which was to file bogus allegations with the FBI and SFPD which would start surveillance operations and god knows what else, ultimately culminating with their setting up a sting on the friggin wrong target. 


 This is funnier than a friggin Pink Panther movie.  Also today I just spoke to the defendant who made bail and is now out just in time to see the slanderous propaganda piece destroy his name all over the television screens of California.  The generals are convening and soon the cavalry will be well gathered and prepared for swift and thorough action to sort through this mess and make it go away.  Heads are gonna roll, take that to the bank.


Soon my attorney will arrive inside the FBI office with a Freedom of Information Request to divulge information collected in any surveillance efforts directed at me, and all false allegations upon which such actions were taken, and their sources and copies of the submitted forms and any other information relating to an UNDERCOVER SURVEILLANCE OPERATION being undertaken by the FBI in San Francisco against yours truly.


It appears the basic jist of this entire story is that they were aiming for me and they misfired and grabbed this poor fellow by mistake back in late January, a basic case of Keystone Cops pulling the usual: mistaken identity.  THEY WERE GOING TO SET ME UP AND ACCUSE ME OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND INSTEAD THEY SET UP AND ARRESTED THE WRONG TARGET.  Classic.  Man oh man that would have seriously sucked.  For all I know hidden stuff had been planted on my drives and its a miracle it hadnt been discovered.  What drives? oh yes, the ones I pounded into gravel with a sledgehammer after transferring all my music art business and personal data to brand new virgin drives.  That is how you securely reformat a drive folks.


I dare them to come back and try that shit again.  Do you feel lucky you rat bastards?  I can hear the sphincters puckering up from here.  Ahh, beautiful music.


Defense Attorney Tony Serra is gonna have a field day with this, and yes he is a longtime family attorney; one of MANY at our disposal.  Lenny boy you just whacked a seriously pissed off hornets nest of unbelievably powerful people.  You have no idea now, but you will, oh yes, you certainly will.

I wonder who will lose their job at the FBI first, and will it be any of the agents I witnessed that day detaining and arresting poor innocent dudeman.  Will it be the kinda heavy guy with a dark slicked back mullet or will it be the skinny ginger kid who looked a little like Ron Howard.  I wonder if any SFPD will take the fall from this and does this now begin to explain the odd behavior I witnessed from a group of them helping me a while back when they discovered my identity, all things now considered. 


 I sure can’t wait to see heads roll from this classic blunder which will likely soon become WORLD NEWS at this point for the gravity of their fuckup.  Also cant wait to see the discovery returned by my attorney from the FOIA request at SF FBI HQ and what it affords me in the form of evidence to build a punitive damages case against Horror-Witch and Kane.  Woohoo, I get to sue somebody, maybe.  Probably.  We will find out.  Wonder how much money they got and what their balnace sheet really looks like.  We will find out in discovery.  Wonder what tie I should wear at the initial press conference.


This is gonna get REAL INTERESTING folks.  You are watching the cutting edge of a world-newsworthy FBI conspiracy being exposed, and Im’ bringing it to you live as its breaking.  Rest assured I have lots of help, and soon you will all be hearing independently from those others who are now deeply involved in this investigation of illegal covert activity performed against me and others by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies as falsely directed through bogus allegations filed by none other than two people I have never met and hope I never do: Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane.


You two seriously have to now ask yourselves: do you feel lucky?

Well, do ya punks?

Stay tuned: much more to come as this story develops.


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