Facts On Toxicity, chronic diseases.

If you've been touched by chronic disease such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Autism or Stroke,
this may be the most important information you will ever learn!

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The time has come for you to learn, even if your own doctor can't tell you, what factors are responsible for 80% of all deaths in industrialized countries ... like ours!

Most exciting, you'll learn enough to help your parents, your family, your friends understand that these deadly degenerative diseases, like heart and blood vessel diseases and cancer, can be prevented, can be controlled, can be reversed! Today ... safely ... easily ... without surgery. Not just "doctors" care about people -- We ALL do. THAT'S the reason for you to share these videos with everyone you know. "Health-care reform" is a stupid phrase. You and I both know our system is an "illness-care system." And it doesn't work. You're about to see the only "illness care reform plan that you'll ever need! So... are you willing to BET YOUR LIFE -- or the lives of your parents, your family, your friends -- that Congress or the doctors will get this "system" fixed, before YOU have an urgent need to recover before you die?

The real question, the one you need to answer right now, is "What can I do about it?" What you really need to know is how you can recover from toxic poisons that will contribute to your early death.

I recommend this video set as BEST EVER for everyone to watch!

Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, FACAM
Secretary, American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology
Life Celebrating Health -- Houston, Texas


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