Despite what the TV says you are NOT required to get a “whooping cough” shot before school DO NOT COMPLY

Despite what the TV says you are NOT required to get a “whooping cough” shot before school DO NOT COMPLY

Posted by labvirus on July 26, 2011


Folks, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  LEARN the contents of these so-called “vaccines” and understand you are far more likely to harm yourself FROM the shot than by avoiding it.  The best way to prevent infection from whooping cough or any other airborne influenza virus is through proper intake of antipathogenic supplements and other protocols such has have been researched and reported on here at this blog for years.


Local media has been hammering the new “state law” requiring 7-12th graders to get a “whooping cough vaccination” prior to enrolling, and isn’t it wonderful our Jesuit governor Jerry Brown just signed a 30-day extension so kids can still start school so long as they show proof of vaccination within 30 days.  THIS IS PURE HORSECRAP FOLKS.


ANYONE can take religious exception, or simply state you are allergic to vaccines. 


 I certainly know I am, and anyone attempting to mandate any vaccine on my body without my consent is going to be met with deadly force and extreme prejudice.

NVIC and VacLib among other groups all have forms and researched publications outlining just how unconstitutional it is for any state to mandate vaccinations, and ways to avoid any penalties for non-compliance.


Just a thought: as it has been seen throughout history that new pandemic diseases have been introduced through widespread vaccination programs (1918, AIDS/HIV, etc.) and knowing the “chimera zombie virus” sits on the shelf in someone’s office who is just itching to release it upon the world causing mass death and depopulation with a 98% case fatality rate – how possible is it that something like the “whooping cough” vaccine campaign could be used to introduce this new deadly Chimera Zombie Lab-Virus upon the world?


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