Des policiers de GB s'en prennent à un militant en chaise roulante..


Enhanced footage of disabled journalist Jody McIntyre being pulled from his wheelchair and dragged along the road by the police during the student protest on 9th Dec 2010 after refusing to leave the area.

(Note how one police officer is dragged away from the scene)

In Jody's own words "Somehow, me and Finlay managed to weave our way through the police line. We found ourselves in a large no-mans-land, in between the riot police trying to stop the crowd, and the police horses getting ready to charge. I turned in my wheelchair to face the police. "Move out of the way!" one of the mounted police shouted at me. I shook my head.

From the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the policemen from the earlier incident. He recognised me immediately. Officer KF936 came charging towards me. Tipping the wheelchair to the side, he pushed me onto the concrete, before grabbing my arms and dragging me across the road. The crowd of 200 ran and surrounded him."

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