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I was Dr Ott’s guest on TSBST again today

Posted by labvirus on July 13, 2011

Thank you Dr Ott for calling me last minute to invite me on the air with you for the full two hours today.  Seems like there never is enough time to squeeze it all in.

The Story Behind The Story hosted by A. True Ott PhD airs M-F from 9-11am PST on


Dr Ott read my piece analyzing the smear propaganda piece aired last week by KTVU Fox channel 2 and began this morning by emailing me back a congratulatory note for a piece well written in his view, along with a request to join him today as he discussed related issues.  I gave a brief description of my account of what is happening, and my assessment this is an intentional setup to frame my friend to plant the fear in the public’s mind about campers parked near public parks, and also noted that ordinarily such matters are handled by PD and not FBI, leading to the question of why the FBI took over the case from PD in the first place.


I managed to make a recording of the broadcast, and as soon as I can get it chopped up and uploaded, Ill post it here – probably later on today sometime.

Dr Ott feels very strongly that somehow my friend’s dilemma being framed by the FBI has very much to do with activities undertaken by Lenny and company, and he is almost certain these two have visited the SF branch of FBI on more than one occasion, to file bogus claims against him, me, and others.  I tend to think he is likely right, as he has a good track record of being right about such hunches, and am anxious to see if the FOI/PA request I filed the beginning of this week with the FBI Records Dissemination Section will be honored or summarily ignored. 


 This being my first time ever dealing with the FBI (other than receiving regular threat alert bulletins while employed at the Gettys – FBI sends out reports to high profile wealthy families who are at risk of kidnapping, home invasion or robbery etc. ), I have no idea what to expect and can only wait and see with fingers crossed.


The main thrust of today’s discussion was Rogue FBI and an increasing pattern of abuses and similar frameups, targeting everyday citizens who simply choose to exercise their right to free speech and question the activities of government and related agencies.  Tie-ins to the Jewish Mob were prevalent, as were discussions of the difference between Ashkenazi Khazarian [Edomite] Zionists and true Jews – highlighting the idea that to be anti-Zionist or anti-Edomite does not in any way imply anti-semitism or Jew-hating.  I personally know plenty of Jews who are not Zionists, and who are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.


Dr Ott became very concerned this was a sign of future transgressions to come, in a general ramping up toward complete police-state fascism, and I agree there is serious cause for alarm.  Left unchecked these rogue agencies will begin to dictate what should happen to those they accuse, whether or not facts support the allegations or anyone has had their day in court.  As is the case with this current development, it is already happening.  These are overt acts of war against the people by the government agencies sworn to protect the same people, who instead are catering to the selfish illegal and mafioso agendas of the Khazarian “mob”.

[My mind drifts to a joyful yet brief time around 2003


 I think when I was dating a beautiful girl Lisa, whose dad was and likely still is a bigwig at the FBI.  Also remembering another girl I dated for quite some time whose dad was once the warden at Leavenworth prison.  Then there's the mafia princess, whose dad as VP for GE built nuclear power plants before his death.  I look back and acknowledge I have been blessed to have dated some exceptional women in my life.  Ah, the good old days.  Today I might as well have lepresy; soon as anyone finds out what I do with the blog, they clam up and head for the nearest exit.  One of these days I'll meet someone who doesn't spontaneously combust when they learn of my research, and who will show interest and want to talk about things.  One day.]

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