Bankrupt Germany Now Plays The Terror (Hoax)

Bankrupt Germany Now Plays The Terror (Hoax) Card To Distract From Homemade Financial Disaster And Re-Introduce Fascism

The Prudent Investor
The Prudent Investor

This post is essential reading for every liberty-loving human who opposes the trend of increasingly fascist governments that only focus on a bail-out of banks while completely ignoring that the people in the streets consider this the last priority in an environment where the once lauded social peace is in immediate danger to give way to a revolt of the sovereign in most European countries.

European politics has certainly descended to a new low when an essentially bankrupt Germany suddenly plays the terror hoax card to distract from the Eurosclerosis that is a direct result of irresponsible central bank policy coupled with profligate governments who have obviously totally disconnected from the needs and desires of the sovereign.

The military's involvement in the Afghanistan war is opposed by Afghans and Germans alike. Ruling with fear is a policy of tyrants but not a viable method for democratically elected governments who must not forget that historically all hardline leaders have only very rarely concluded life in peaceful retirement.

We Are All Debtors

To drive the point home: All of Europe is basically bankrupt when not even latest austerity measures help to rein galloping budget deficits that have grown to sizes that make it mathematically impossible to reduce them to sustainable levels again. Only unsuspecting politicians still hang on to a pipe dream that the Eurozone or the EU will manage to climb out of the debt hole in a foreseeable sluggish economy (at best) they had been so eager to dig in the first place. Record unemployment almost everywhere will perpetuate soaring social expenditures and drastically rising yields will bring a European replay of the US municipal bond crash.

Remember: All Eurozone members operate on growing fiscal deficits and not a single country has such a thing called savings. We are all 4-level debtors: supranational, national, communal and in private!

Let's be realistic: There can be only one Japan in the world with a debt / GDP ratio of 200% and we have not seen the final outcome of this funny fiat money experiment.


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