And the winner is ......


America !!!


America had unleashed a war of terror against Nicaragua, killing tens of thousands of people, leaving the country in ruins with hardly a hope of recovery.


Nicaragua took the case to the World Court in The Hague, which after a lengthy deliberation ruled in their in their favour.

In its ruling the World Court said America s action in Nicaragua amounted to unlawful use of force , which in other words means terrorist state. It ordered America to put a stop to its crime in Nicaragua and to pay massive reparations. America ignored the World Court.


Not stopping there Nicaragua went to the UN Security Council and moved a resolution calling on all states to observe international law. Though the resolution was general and no country was mentioned all countries represented in the UN knew the culprit was America. America vetoed the resolution and is now recognised as the only country that has been condemned by the World Court for its international terrorism and for vetoing a Security Council Resolution calling on all states to observe International Law.


Subsequently Nicaragua took its case to the UN General Assembly, which passed a similar resolution, but America and Zionist Israel voted against it. In short only two countries America and Israel now stand opposed to states abiding by International Law. The reasons are obvious neither country wants to stop its terror activities.


The case was so serious that even America s pliant ally, Britain, refused to bow down to American dictates to vote against the resolution.


Thus, ladies and gentlemen, America that great champion of liberal values, sometimes called democracy, is actually a terrorist state.


The actual judgement is available at the International Court Of Justice


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