Afifa Karake (Lebanon), First international session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine announced!

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First international session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine announced!
À l'attention des membres de Russell Tribunal on Palestine/Tribunal Russell sur la Palestine
Frank Barat 6 septembre, à 22:20

Dear all,

We've had great news from Barcelona this week. Their National Committee, which had asked the county hall for funds, had its request accepted by the local authorities. They've received 56000 euros to start working on the 1st session of the tribunal which will take place in Barcelona end of February 2010 and will focus on EU complicities in the Israel-Palestine question.

This is fantastic news even if we reckon that we still need around 14000 euros to have the best session possible. Any financial help will be much appreciated, if you want to support our work and enable us to continue, you can do so online here:

We also need financial support to organise the following sessions that should take place in London and North America in the year 2010.
Your support is vital.

We've also received in the last few weeks the support of eminent personalities such as:

-Aharon Shabtai
-Luisa Morgantini (
-Djamel Bourras (
-Denis Halliday (

National committees have now been created in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Republic Democratic of Congo, Portugal, France, Canada, and a 1948 committee was recently created Israel-Palestine. Send me a message if you would like to hear more about those committees, get involved or add your name to the list of patrons.

Please also watch and share the video attached of Pierre Galand, member of the International Organizing Committee of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

Many thanks for your help and your support.

In solidarity
Frank Barat
Russell Tribunal on Palestine


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